Eiroch Fluid Sac is a collectible resource in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Analysis Edit

Sacs inside eirochs contain a fluid used to suspend delicate electronic components. The standard synthetic alternative is in extremely short supply.

Acquisition Edit

Eirochs can be hunted in the wild for their fluid sacs. Fluid sacs can also be purchased from certain merchants.

Note: Fiends also drop fluid sacs even though the in-game description doesn't list this.

Specific Uses Edit

Eircoh Fluid Sac is used for a small number of items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The total amount of Eiroch Fluid Sac listed is for one crafted copy of each item.

Item Item Type Eiroch Fluid Sac Required Notes
Kett Arms Armor 32 Ranks I - X
Kett Chest Armor 52 Ranks I - X
Kett Helmet Armor 32 Ranks I - X
Kett Legs Armor 32 Ranks I - X
Soned Assault Rifles 910 Ranks I - X
Total - 1058 -

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