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Location: Milky WayThe Phoenix MassingSalahiel System First planet


First discovered by the quarians at the turn of the century, Ekuna is habitable, but a second-tier choice for most species. Circling an orange sun, Ekuna averages below freezing temperatures. This led development firms to colonize at the planet's equator, where the climate is tolerable for agriculture.

The quarians, seeking a homeworld of their own, petitioned the Citadel Council for the right to take over Ekuna, but they had already settled a few hundred thousand quarians on the planet before approaching the Council. Seeing this occupation as an illegal act, the Council turned a deaf ear to quarian pleas and gave the world to the elcor, who could withstand the high gravity of the world far better. The quarians squatting on the planet were given one galactic standard month to leave, at which point their colonies would be bombarded. The junk left behind by the fleeing quarians clogs up portions of the landscape to this day.

Non-elcor visitors to Ekuna are advised to use personal or vehicular mass effect fields to lighten the pressure, as the surface gravity will otherwise cause health and mechanical problems.

Additional Information

Ekuna is also home to the city of New Elfaas. Aside from pubs and a working-class district, the city has a river in the area near Dekaano Street and its inhabitants are called New Elfassians.

Early in Ekuna's history criminals and undesirable elements from the Migrant Fleet were dumped on New Elfaas in an event the locals called the Little Invasion. The city was under siege for weeks as the gangs overran city defenses and power arrays.

Mineral Deposits

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Low 4,400
Platinum Medium 6,700
Iridium High 13,000
Element Zero Low 4,200


  • Yorrik, a native of the planet presently almost 400 years old, was 112 years old when the Little Invasion happened. This means the siege happened around 1900 CE, or 203 years before the planet's discovery by the quarians.