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Drack is concerned about tensions at the krogan colony on Elaaden. He's forwarded you an email from Jorgal Strux, a well respected krogan from an old family. Strux has asked to meet you at a trading post called Paradise. He also asked that you keep it a secret.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Hunting the Archon

When Pathfinder Ryder returns to Tempest from the first visit to Kadara Port, a meeting called by Drack starts automatically. When the meeting is over the mission begins. An email will be sent by Drack.

This sounds bad, kid
To: Ryder
From: Drack

Thought I'd show you what Strux sent me. A transcript of an audio log that's got me worried about the colony. Sounds like Morda's cooking up something. Don't know what to think:

Morda: Stop arguing with me, Brenk! It's payback time for the Initiative.
Brenk: They don't care about us.
Morda: But they will. Soon they're gonna know that I'm Overlord. And once I execute my plan, there'll be no denying that the krogan rule Heleus. Then they'll come begging to us.
Brenk: Okay, Morda. I'll get a team together. Gather everything we need.
Morda: No krogan bows down to the Nexus again.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Elaaden in the Zaubray system to meet with the krogan contact Edit

Head to the Zaubray system and land on Elaaden. Choose a squad using the Loadout screen and disembark. A cutscene will start with Drack disembarking from the Tempest at the same time as Ryder (even if Drack isn't chosen for the squad). Drack says he will go ahead to the New Tuchanka colony to smooth things over and will be waiting at the New Tuchanka gate whenever Ryder first goes to the colony.

Note: This mission completes automatically when Ryder lands on Elaaden at The Paradise. The follow-up mission Conflict in the Colony starts automatically. Neither mission prompt will show up onscreen.

Rewards Edit

  • None
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