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An element zero starship core in operation

Element Zero, also known as "eezo", is a rare material that, when subjected to an electrical current, releases dark energy which can be manipulated into a mass effect field, raising or lowering the mass of all objects within that field.


Element Zero ore mined on Omega

Eezo is generated when solid matter, such as a planet, is affected by the energy of a star going supernova. The material is common in the asteroid debris that orbits neutron stars and pulsars. These are dangerous places to mine, requiring extensive use of robotics, telepresence, and shielding to survive the intense radiation from the dead star. Only a few major corporations can afford the set-up costs required to work these primary sources. Some planets have small eezo deposits or coalesced around a larger deposit during their formation. While these secondary sources are safer to mine, the yield from the ore is not as large. There are rumours that the Nemean Abyss has particularly rich eezo deposits.

A positive current increases mass, a negative current decreases it. This "mass effect" is used in countless ways, from generating artificial gravity to manufacturing high-strength construction materials. It is most prominently used to enable faster-than-light space travel without causing time dilation. When humans discovered the Prothean ruins on Mars, they also discovered refined element zero that the Protheans had left behind. It enabled research into FTL ship drives before the Charon Relay was discovered.

Dust-form element zero is often released after engine accidents and is known to have toxic effects on organic life. It is also used by many species to induce or strengthen the presence of biotics. If a child is exposed to dust-form element zero in utero, due to its mutagenic effects, there is a small chance they can develop eezo nodules throughout their nervous system that react to electrical stimuli from the brain. This allows them to use biotic abilities, but many exposures have no effect, or result in terminal cancer. There is some question about just how "accidental" some of those initial exposures were, after the link between eezo and biotics was established.

Element zero forms the basis of many advanced medicines throughout Citadel space. The biotic drug red sand allegedly has element zero as its base; according to urban legend, it was created by criminal triads on Mars from the eezo samples recovered there. The SSV Normandy's massive Tantalus drive core cost 120 billion credits because of the amount of element zero needed to power the stealth system.

Mass Effect 2 Locations[]

In Mass Effect 2, Element Zero is necessary for many equipment upgrades. Since eezo is so rare, it can be difficult to find it without exploring many planets. It may be worth noting that "garden worlds" and "post-garden worlds", sites of earlier spacefaring civilizations, are most likely to contain deposits of eezo. When entering a system, look for Earth-like planets at a medium distance from the star. The following is a list of systems and planets where Element Zero can be found.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

Element Zero (Ez) is a collectible resource in Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Electrically stimulated element zero creates “mass effect” fields. It’s the basis of much modern technology, including faster-than-light travel.


Element Zero can be detected via orbital scan, mined with the Nomad, and discovered in small amounts on foot. It can also be purchased from certain merchants.

Planets where element zero can be mined:

Planets where element zero can be found on foot:

Specific Uses[]

Element Zero is used for a huge number of items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The total amount of Element Zero listed is for one crafted copy of each item.

Item Item Type Element Zero Required Notes
M-3 Predator Pistols 160 Ranks I - X
M-5 Phalanx Pistols 160 Ranks I - X
M-8 Avenger Assault Rifles 160 Ranks I - X
M-25 Hornet Pistols 180 Ranks I - X
M-37 Falcon Assault Rifles 180 Ranks I - X
M-90 Indra Sniper Rifles 180 Ranks I - X
M-96 Mattock Assault Rifles 160 Ranks I - X
Advanced Detection Systems ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Agility Mode ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Biotic Amplifier Melee Weapons 180 Ranks I - X
Black Widow Sniper Rifles 240 Ranks I - X
Carnifex Pistols 160 Ranks I - X
Defensive Fortification ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Disciple Shotguns 160 Ranks I - X
Emergency Shield Discharge ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Hesh Shotguns 20 Rank X
Improved Suspension (4WD) ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Incisor Sniper Rifles 160 Ranks I - X
Kett Vakarsh Melee Weapons 320 Ranks I - X
Krogan Hammer Melee Weapons 260 Ranks I - X
Lanat Sniper Rifles 180 Ranks I - X
N7 Eagle Pistols 240 Ranks I - X
N7 Hurricane Pistols 240 Ranks I - X
N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifles 240 Ranks I - X
Pathfinder Deep Impact Shotguns 60 Ranks I - V
Pathfinder Observer Sniper Rifles 60 Ranks I - V
Pathfinder Pioneer Assault Rifles 60 Ranks I - V
Pathfinder Ranger Pistols 60 Ranks I - V
Reegar Carbine Shotguns 180 Ranks I - X
Revenant Assault Rifles 180 Ranks I - X
Ruzad Shotguns 160 Ranks I - X
Sandstorm Assault Rifles 20 Rank X
Scorpion Pistols 180 Ranks I - X
Shadow Sniper Rifles 180 Ranks I - X
Supercharged Boost ND1 Nomad Upgrades 45 -
Supplemental Life Support ND1 Nomad Upgrades 30 -
Talon Pistols 180 Ranks I - X
Ushior Pistols 150 Ranks VI - X
Widow Sniper Rifles 160 Ranks I - X
X5 Ghost Assault Rifles 160 Ranks I - X
Total - 5595 -


Element Zero symbol art
  • Despite its name, it is not actually a chemical element. "Element zero" is merely the human nickname for this material.[1]
  • Andreas von Antropoff coined the term in 1926 for the conjectured "element of atomic number zero" that he placed at the head of the periodic table.[2][3]