Elias Kelham is a human criminal on the Citadel. Originally a small-timer, Kelham rose in power after higher-level crime bosses were killed during Sovereign's attack on the Citadel in 2183. He bribes C-Sec Captain Bailey in exchange for not causing too much trouble with his illegal activities.

Kelham moved to the Citadel in around 2175 CE. He currently runs rackets at Shin Akiba.

During the search for Thane's son, Kolyat Krios, Commander Shepard and Thane learn from Mouse that Kelham hired Kolyat for an assassination. Kelham is then brought in for questioning by Shepard and Thane at the C-Sec office in Zakera Ward.

Kelham has a rather high tolerance against interrogation. If Shepard and Thane's queries are drawn out, Kelham is confident enough in his power, his influence, and his lawyer to threaten the interrogators instead of answering their questions.

He only cooperates quickly if Shepard has very few scruples and threatens Kelham straightaway with the power of Spectres, causing Thane to remark that his interrogation might have been the shortest one in history. In other cases, it takes brute force manhandling, guile, or promises of reward to get Kelham talking.

Regardless of the interrogation methods used on him, Elias eventually discloses the name of Kolyat's target: Joram Talid, a turian politician. Shepard and Thane leave him unconscious if he was brutalized, or in other cases Kelham berates his just-arrived lawyer for coming late.

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