Elite Prison Guards are enemies that are encountered during the assignment Arrival.

After Dr. Amanda Kenson has been freed in the batarian prison on Aratoht, she and Commander Shepard must fight their way out. Elite Prison Guards attack the duo along with groups of Prison Guards.

Capabilities Edit


Elite Prison Guards are equipped with the M-15 Vindicator and can arm them with Disruptor Ammo. Elite Guards are highly accurate at range, but less effective up close.


Elite Guards will have shields on all difficulties, but they will be stronger on higher difficulty levels. They also have access to the Tech Armor ability, which they will use to restore their shields if depleted.

Tactics Edit

  • Because you will be fighting these enemies alone at certain points in the mission, make sure to prioritise these troops, especially on higher difficulties.
  • If they are not killed quickly and allowed to remain in cover for a period of time they are likely to restore their shields via tech armor.
  • Due to their weapons, these troops are less effective at close combat, so one tactic might be to get up close and deal with them. Be warned however, as they are usually accompanied by other Guards. This tactic should be handled with caution unless the other Guards have been eliminated first.
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