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Elnora is an asari living in Nos Astra on Illium, and a member of a local Eclipse gang.

Commander Shepard might encounter Elnora in the Eclipse base, hiding behind a counter during the mission to recruit Samara. Elnora claims to have grown disillusioned with the Eclipse's methods and principles, and that she merely pretended to shoot at Shepard to hide her thoughts from the other mercenaries. This turns out to be a ruse to get Shepard's guard down as she tries to bear her gun on the Commander. Shepard can shoot her straight away or simply wait for her to stand down. If Elnora isn't shot, she is instead questioned about an Ardat-Yakshi and the ship used by the mercenaries to smuggle her off Illium. The Commander then asks Elnora to leave.

Earlier in the investigation, Shepard learned that the police were looking for the murderer of a volus. Sometime after dealing with Elnora, Shepard can examine an audio log which reveals her excitement in becoming a member of Eclipse and that she murdered a volus the night before recording the file, which implies that she was likely the culprit. Elnora displays great joy in the kill, smugly asserting that her friends will be jealous of her membership.

Once Shepard's mission is complete, the Commander may bring this evidence to Detective Anaya. If Elnora was allowed to escape, Anaya promises to track her down; if she was killed, Anaya expresses relief, stating that it sounded like Elnora was just starting on her path of violence.

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