Disambiguous This article is about the Citadel's embassies in Mass Effect. For the location in Mass Effect 3, see Citadel Embassies.
Many races have an embassy on the Presidium. The first was the volus; the latest is the human Systems Alliance. Being granted an embassy on the Citadel is a sign that particular species has made a significant contribution to Citadel space, though they must sign the Treaty of Farixen first.

However, the actions of some races have led to their embassies being closed; the krogan lost theirs during the Krogan Rebellions, the quarians were asked to leave after the geth became sentient and rebelled, and the batarians closed their embassy in protest at the Council's 'preferential treatment' of humans.

The only embassies accessible in the game are those of the Alliance, the elcor, and the volus. They are located near the Wards Access corridor, across the bridge from the Consort's Chambers. Ambassador Udina and Captain Anderson are usually in the Alliance embassy, and Commander Shepard can report back to them between missions.

Embassy LoungeEdit

The Embassy Lounge is an expensive bar frequented by diplomats, which is across the lobby from the Alliance embassy. Shepard can chat to the bartender to get a bit of background about Flux, Chora's Den and the legendary Sha'ira. Nassana Dantius is working at a terminal near the bar; Clerk Bosker appears there later on. Shepard can also listen in to Private Fredricks as he boasts to his friends about visiting the Consort's Chambers.

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