Eppo Wen is a capable information broker based on Illium. Having grown wealthy enough to afford high-end mech security and a volus-compatible environmental space in a residential neighborhood, Wen's demeanor is of a polite, portly old lady who can be very dangerous when angered. She believes killing former customers is bad for business even if they are backstabbing vermin.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation Edit

Wen accommodates Cora Harper at her airlocked home for a business arrangement that will benefit them both. Wen assuages Cora's initial wariness when she reveals she made her services affordable to the human because she wants her to go after Ygara Menoris. Both of them have been double-crossed by the asari: Ygara purchased information from Wen regarding several potential competitors among the new mercenary groups, then paid her with a bogus account.

Wen hates the notion of dying relatively naked or by explosive decompression. If her house hadn't been reinforced with Silaris armor she would've experienced both as three of Ygara's asari thugs tried to blast their way through a wall before Wen discovered Ygara's payment was fake. Cora is merely the best assassin Wen can find while sufficiently concealing her involvement, and all she asks in return is the asari dead; a picture of Ygara's corpse to frame and hang on her bedroom wall being a bonus.

The volus supplies Cora with Ygara's room number and entry code in the Bulwark hotel in Nos Astra, recent transactions, and port registrations for Ygara's ship the Audacity - information easily obtainable by simply asking the right people - as well as a fake ID for the necessary wetwork. One of the lines Wen dares not cross in the information business is artificial intelligence: she has no interest in waking up to find Council Spectres in her home, and so is content in having her revenge and ignoring the potential payday of the technology.

The AI tech Ygara stole is due to be auctioned off in two days, but Wen's research uncovered that the entities who hired Ygara to steal it from HOME Group also told the latter to steal it from the Andromeda Initiative. The auction's buyers are all from human factions; humans or aliens paid off by humans, leading Wen to conclude whoever ordered the theft expected a double-cross and reacted accordingly by ensuring the tech still ends up exclusively in human hands.

Eppo Wen gets half of what she wished for when Ygara Menoris ends up dead, although Cora forgets to send her a picture of the corpse due to the day's hectic events.

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