Erinya is the Baria Frontiers asari representative on Illium.

Erinya bonded with another asari despite the stigma attached to such a pairing. Herself the child of two asari, Erinya had two pureblood daughters with her unnamed bondmate. She holds xenophobic beliefs, claiming that only the asari are worthy of having an interstellar presence. In her mind, salarians were responsible for unleashing the rachni, and compounded that problem by unleashing another when they uplifted the krogan. She believes the turians to be trigger-happy military fanatics and resents the quarians for creating the geth. She is equally antagonistic towards humans, who she claims lured the geth back to the galaxy with the uncovering of the Prothean Beacon.

Erinya is overlooking a contract involving the colonists on Feros, which would have cured them of their residual health problems after dealing with the Thorian. However, the contract details allows Baria Frontiers to perform invasive medical tests on the colonists without their consent. If the colonists try to back out of the contract, they would be responsible for the full price that they would have to pay normally, which they cannot afford.

A colony representative approaches Commander Shepard for their help in altering the contract. Shepard can talk to Erinya and convince her to prepare an amended contract. The reasons behind her xenophobia is revealed during the conversation: she holds aliens responsible for the death of her whole family. Her bondmate was killed during the geth uprising on the quarian homeworld and both of her daughters who lived and worked on the Citadel were killed during the Battle of the Citadel. One of Erinya's daughters worked as a receptionist at the Citadel embassies; the other as a greeter at the Consort's Chambers.

Erinya's xenophobic attitudes, her parentage, and her generally unpleasant demeanor leaves her the subject of gossip on Illium. This can be overheard as Shepard walks past a pair of asari near the Baria Frontiers kiosk.

Trivia Edit

  • Erinya's name is possibly derived from the Greek Erinyes (literally "the angry ones"), which was one of the names for the Furies, the Greek goddesses of vengeance.
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