Ethan Jeong is a human ExoGeni Corporation representative on Feros. As the only surviving ExoGeni representative on Feros after the geth attack, Jeong is desperately trying to protect ExoGeni's interests on the planet.

Jeong is hiding with several other ExoGeni employees at the Skyway Weigh Station. He is the only one among the Skyway survivors that knows about the Thorian's presence at Zhu's Hope. After the geth attack, he was aware of the danger of infection from the spores, so he deliberately prevented the survivors from returning to the port. He tells the Skyway survivors that Fai Dan's group is probably dead, and discourages investigation of Zhu's Hope by arguing that the Skyway is too dangerous. Unfortunately, he then realizes that they are effectively trapped on the Skyway, with the geth on one side and the Thorian's thralls on the other. His only recourse is to wait for ExoGeni to send a rescue team. Regardless of whether the Commander makes contact with Fai Dan's group and mentions this to Jeong, he and his group will stay where they are.

Commander Shepard's arrival panics Jeong, due to his fear of ExoGeni's secret being discovered. When he fails to discourage the Commander from going to the ExoGeni headquarters, he demands that Shepard be careful when launching an assault on the ExoGeni headquarters — Shepard is not to "damage corporate property" — though Jeong secretly hopes that Shepard will be killed by the geth instead.

On Shepard's return after learning about the Thorian and ExoGeni's role in the Zhu's Hope infection, Jeong is seen threatening Juliana Baynham with a pistol. Communications have returned, and ExoGeni is planning to purge the colony. Jeong, having learned about Shepard's military background, is distraught, and the Commander has to choose how to handle him. If sufficiently persuasive, Shepard can effectively defuse the situation; otherwise, the Commander is forced to shoot and kill Jeong in self defense. In the event Jeong is killed, two guards attempt to respond, only to back down when the Commander's teammates draw weapons, and if Jeong lives, he takes leadership of the colony, and if Shepard put the idea of business opportunities forward, he comments that ExoGeni will like the Commander's proposal.

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