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Disambiguous.png This article is about the character that appears in Mass Effect: Evolution. For the character that appears in Mass Effect 3, see Eva Coré (Mass Effect 3).

Eva Coré is a human mercenary who worked with Jack Harper and Ben Hislop. Eva fought in the resistance effort against turian forces on occupied Shanxi during the First Contact War.


Eva Coré, along with Ben Hislop and Jack Harper, ambushes a turian patrol on occupied Shanxi. The trio take Desolas Arterius, a turian general, prisoner. On a mission to locate the artifact that Desolas was searching for on the planet, the group subdues the rest of Desolas' unit outside a cave where the artifact is hidden. Eva guards the turian soldiers while Jack and Ben investigate the artifact. When the artifact seemingly "attacks" Jack and Ben, Eva is distracted long enough for the turians to overpower her. Desolas then takes the humans prisoner.


After the conclusion of the First Contact War, Eva is reunited with Jack and informs him that Ben had died from his exposure to the artifact. After being turned over to General Williams by their turian captors, Eva decides to accompany Jack as he seeks revenge against Desolas. Arriving at Illium, they track Desolas to a remote warehouse, where they are ambushed by Desolas and his brother Saren's forces and encounter a cybernetically-enhanced Ben Hislop, who has fallen under the control of the artifact.


Prisoners once more, Eva and Jack are taken by Desolas to Palaven, the turian homeworld, to witness Desolas' plan to use the artifact - the Arca Monolith - to transform the turian people into a race of super-soldiers. At Temple Palaven, Eva and Jack subdue their guards and attempt to stop Desolas. In the middle of a fight, Eva tries to pull Ben out, hoping that his condition could be reversed. When Jack points out that doing so may not be possible, Eva shoots at the Arca Monolith to try and destroy it. The artifact uses Ben to stop her, slamming her head against a wall. After the fight, Jack carries a dying Eva from the Temple, and with her last words she tells Jack to leave her behind and save Ben. Jack would later include both Ben and Eva's names in his manifesto as he takes on the persona of the Illusive Man.