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ExSolar Shipping is a freight company. It has offices on Sol as well as Illium.

According to company blurbs in the Dracon Trade Center, ExSolar Shipping purports to be the leading industry authority on resource logistics and management. It is capable of delivering on security, affordability, efficiency, punctuality, and availability metrics.

One of its resources is the freighter MSV Cornucopia, which was lost in geth space before reappearing in the Attican Traverse in 2183.

Kim Connor is a former executive of the company. One of her asari partners tried to take over her position, but she managed to retain her wealth through loopholes in asari tax laws. The company is considered successful when Connor departed the Milky Way with the Andromeda Initiative in 2185, but it is not known if her assets – or even ExSolar Shipping itself – are still preserved in the aftermath of the Reaper war about a year later.