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Invented by Blood Pack weapons experts, the first Executioner was improvised using spare parts and scrap metal during an Omega territory dispute. The result was a handheld cannon able to fire high-impact, armor-piercing slugs, although only one at a time due to its limited heat sink. Many Blood Pack mercs carry an Executioner as backup in case they get pinned down, but some enthusiasts prefer it as their primary gun, sticking to the one-shot-one-kill approach.

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Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Executioner Pistol is categorized as rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning.[1]

Player Notes Edit

  • The Executioner has innate penetration of 50 centimeters—enough to pierce Guardians' shields.[2]
    • This penetration does not grant additional damage on armored targets.
  • Due to the Executioner's single-shot magazine, shots should be taken with care. Either equip a Pistol Scope or stay in cover while shooting to avoid wasting shots.
  • The Pistol Magazine Upgrade gives no benefit, as the number of shots is always rounded down. However, if the Level V mod is used and you are using the N7 Destroyer Soldier with the Devastator Mode power activated, you will gain an extra shot, making the Executioner the only one-shot weapon that can have 2 shots per clip.
  • Coupled with the Pistol Ultralight Materials mod and a Pistol Scope, the Executioner can fill the role of a high-powered sniper rifle at a fraction of the weight.
  • The Executioner also has very high recoil, especially when zoomed in. Realign your crosshairs while reloading to save precious seconds that the enemy could use to kill you.
  • The Executioner becomes much more effective when used with abilities like Submission Net and Stasis, as they afford a player more time to land an accurate shot.

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