The unnamed ExoGeni VI on Feros was put in place by ExoGeni Corporation when they took over one of the Prothean towers and repurposed it as their headquarters. The ExoGeni VI (which appears as a red-tinted human male) allows employees to access the mainframe to retrieve and share information between departments based on their level of access, granted to them by the administration. The authentication of staff personnel is achieved by reading an ID card carried by every employee.

The VI itself mentions having an extensive sensory network. It is possible that, like Mira, it was responsible for coordinating the research and development in the ExoGeni labs.

When Commander Shepard's squad arrives at the ExoGeni headquarters after running into Lizbeth Baynham, they find the ExoGeni VI being interrogated by the Krogan Commander trying to retrieve information.

The krogan becomes enraged when the VI politely refused to give out confidential data without the sufficient security clearance. The VI then informs the krogan that other users are queuing to use the VI console... this 'queue' actually being Shepard and the squad coming up the stairs behind him.

After the squad takes care of the krogan, the ExoGeni VI addresses Shepard as Lizbeth Baynham, because Lizbeth had given the commander her ID card earlier on. When Shepard asks what the krogan wanted, the VI explains (as Lizbeth had high-level clearance, despite being on probation) that the krogan wanted to know about Species 37, also known as the Thorian. The ExoGeni VI patiently tells Shepard the horrifying truth behind the colonists' strange behaviour at Zhu's Hope. ExoGeni had deliberately allowed them to be infected with mind-controlling alien spores as an experiment.

The ExoGeni VI mentions the reason for Lizbeth Baynham's probation: she had vehemently opposed the Zhu's Hope experimentation. However, the VI is unable to give any useful information on the geth activities in the building as they have blocked his sensors.

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