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Farah Noskos is the leader of a Roekaar contingent on Kadara. A xenophobe through and through, she vows to cleanse Heleus of all alien invaders as per her organization's directives.

When Pathfinder Ryder's team discover the Roekaar hideout on Draullir while investigating a string of serial killings, Farah confronts them and haughtily announces they know what happens next. She refuses to entertain the outsiders' questions, and even disparages Jaal Ama Darav (if he's around) for attempting on their behalf as she claims he's started to smell like the aliens after consorting with them for too long.

Brandishing a firaan similar to one used on a crime scene in Charybdis Point, Farah vows the aliens will bleed like the others. It confirms Ryder's assessment that she's the one behind the murders. In Farah's eyes invaders and sympathizers are not innocent, and Sloane Kelly lying to and using the angara for power only reinforces her beliefs.

Farah cannot be reasoned with, and she moves to gut the Pathfinder. Reyes Vidal arrives in time to shoot the firaan off her hand. An explosion courtesy of Vidal knocks Farah off her feet, though she recovers and then rallies her minions to start attacking the interlopers. None of Roekaar survive.

A datapad in the hideout that can be read after her death reveals Farah is the perpetrator behind a murder outside Kralla's Song. Disgusted at the sight of a fellow angara flirting with the asari bartender, Farah waited until the guy stumbled out of the bar and then slew him.



Farah Noskos uses a Sandstorm. She also has a jumping/punching melee attack.


She's unprotected by shields, armor, or barriers.


  • Farah Noskos is essentially a named Raider (and registers as one if scanned), although she doesn't throw grenades like the base unit. However, tactics for beating Raiders should still generally apply to her.
  • Due to her placement near Ryder at the beginning of the combat phase, she may attempt to punch first before moving out of the way.