Farah Noskos is a female angara member of the Roekaar stationed on the planet Kadara.

Due to Sloane Kelly's and exiles actions that lied to angara for power, Farah wants now to protect her home from invaders. As leader of the Roekaar cell in the wastelands of Kadara, Farah has ordered the murder of aliens and angaran sympathizers to aliens.

If Pathfinder Ryder investigates these murders, Reyes Vidal will set up a rendezvous to investigate Farah's hideout. Once there, Reyes is missing while the Pathfinder team is ambushed and captured by Farah's team. She will then confirm that she is the culprit behind the murders and will try to kill Ryder. Reyes eventually appears and blows a bomb in the hideout forcing the Roekaar to fight after the explosion. Farah is then killed during the firefight by the Pathfinder team and Reyes.

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