Location: Milky WayHades GammaCacus System Fourth planet

Prerequisite: 75% Morality (Mass Effect)

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A large but low-density, terrestrial world, Faringor is generally believed to consist mainly of water ice. Occasional upwelling of metals, caused by the interacting tidal forces of several large moons, suggest the core is small, but extremely dense.

Faringor has a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and ethane. Its frozen surface is mainly composed of dark carbon-laced water ice.

Ten years ago, Faringor's grim surface color and dim illumination drew the cinematographer Risa Uvarsen to film the exterior scenes of "Starless" on location. Acknowledged as a masterpiece of gothic horror, the sets — well preserved by the vacuum — draw hundreds of tourists to the backwater system every year.

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Its surface albedo as calculated from parameters is −2.15. Presumably the tidal effects from its moons and residual radioactivity from its core are providing additional heat. This escapes from the mantle by means of petroleovolcanism: spontaneous oil gushers. Between the core and the frozen surface is a thick layer of organochemical / water sludge. However the oil's intense radioactivity dissuades mining interests from further investigation.

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