The evacuated ExoGeni researcher Gavin Hossle is in need of someone to retrieve valuable data from the geth occupied ExoGeni headquarters.

Acquisition Edit

While driving to the ExoGeni facility on Feros, after leaving Zhu's Hope, Shepard will have the opportunity to stop and speak to the evacuated scientists, hiding in some ruins. One of the researchers will ask the Commander to retrieve some data for him while the facility is being cleared of geth. This assignment can also be acquired from Gavin at Zhu's Hope after the completion of the main Feros mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Feros - data retrieval objective
After entering the ExoGeni facility, there will be a room that the geth use as a type of "church". The room after this one will have several exits. Directly across from where you entered is a set of stairs. Climb these stairs and kill the krogan mercenaries at the top. The data is on the terminal in the back.

If returning to the facility after finishing the other business on Feros, the data can be accessed by entering the corridor previously blocked by an energy field. Turn left in the first room, and climb the stairs to find the data.

Once the data is obtained, simply return it to the researcher. If Zhu's Hope has not already been returned to, Gavin can be found at his original location. If Zhu's Hope has already been returned to, he can be found in the Zhu's Hope courtyard.

Reward Edit

Gavin gives Shepard some credits and omni-gel in exchange for the retrieval of the data.

Mass Effect 3 Consequences Edit

If Shepard completes this assignment and UNC: Asari Writings, purchased the Elkoss Combine armory license, and interacted with Conrad Verner in both previous games without causing Conrad's death, the Commander can call in a favor from Hossle; Conrad's dissertation will have an additional bonus towards War Assets.

Notes Edit

  • This assignment can be acquired after the completion of the main Feros mission only if the colonists are not killed upon Shepard's return to Zhu's Hope. However, you will not have access to the Prothean Skyway, and therefore the Exogeni facility, after the main Feros assignment has been completed, and thus will be unable to obtain Gavin's data to finish the assignment.
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