Feros SLI - Tunnels
You cleared the geth from the tower, but there are still geth in the tunnels. Finding and destroying the geth transmitter will give Zhu's Hope a better chance of survival.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Feros: Geth Attack

Speak to Fai Dan a second time, after fighting off the geth which interrupted your first conversation. He will tell Shepard about the transmitter.

If you didn't receive the journal entry from Fai Dan, entering the tunnels and destroying the transmitter will.

Walkthrough Edit

The transmitter is guarded by a small group of geth in the tunnels. Head towards the elevator to the skyway, and continue down the stairs beyond it. Once in the tunnels several geth will need to be fought to reach the room containing the transmitter. This room can be found through a door across a small bridge.

Feros - transmitter tower

After the door opens, Shepard is fired upon. There are Geth Snipers waiting in the first area, on a ledge above the main level, and a Geth Assault Drone lying in wait. After dealing with these geth, three Krogan Warriors will attack from the main chamber.

You can draw the krogan out one at a time if you're careful and leave your squad back in the hallway - a good place for your squad is in the hallway just inside the automatic door; carefully go up and shoot one krogan once and hightail it back to your squad. Neither the krogan nor the geth in this section will move through the automatic door that marks this section - you can retreat to rest if things get too hot.

Once all of these enemies have been killed, proceed to the back of the room to find the transmitter. Deal damage to the area indicated to destroy it. Warning: It is highly recommended to save your game before doing so. See the bug report below.

Once the transmitter is destroyed, return to Fai Dan to receive the reward. Warning: If you clear the tunnels of geth and don't speak with Fai Dan before he commits suicide, this assignment can't be completed.

Enemies Edit

Bug Edit

  • Multiple reports indicate glitching at the transmitter scenario, where the ultimate effect is that of the journal failing to update and rendering the assignment unable to complete. Conflicting reports abound on the causative element of the bug, although the common theme is that trying to damage the tower regardless of method used (weapons, grenades, talents) may cause it to "disappear". Thus, the only expedient recourse is to load an earlier save when this happens.

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