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Ferris Fields is a human colony in the Terminus Systems. This colony is located near New Canton. A brother of Crewman Hadley lives on the colony.

In late 2185, the Collectors abduct the colonists from the planet. An investigation of the colony fails to find any signs of the colonists.

Normandy SR-2: Crew Reactions[]

The reactions among the crew are telling as they reveal how close or not the crew is to each other, especially in light of the small number of crew aboard the starship. Crewman Matthews, who works alongside Crewman Hadley, recognizes immediately the importance of the colony to his friend and expresses his support and sympathy. On the next deck, Crewman Goldstein seeks confirmation from her friend, Crewman Hawthorne, that Hadley had a brother at the colony and both express outrage at the loss of the colony. Lastly, neither of the engineers, Kenneth Donnelly or Gabriella Daniels, mention Hadley's brother or the colony's importance to Hadley, and both express their outrage over the loss of the colony.

Mass Effect 3[]

When speaking to Steve Cortez in the Shuttle Bay it is revealed that his husband was stationed at Ferris Fields when the Collectors abducted the colony in 2185.