The Fiend is a kett unit.

Description Edit

Fiends are monstrous beasts with a heavily armored carapace. Unlike the stealthier Wraiths, Fiends are besieging units that attack head-on, scattering enemy forces and destroying entrenched enemy positions. They attack non-kett without appearing to need orders; some scientists believe Fiends respond aggressively to an absence of kett pheromones or similar cues.

A Fiend's carapace is permeated by dense cartilage that makes it both strong and flexible, and acts as a shock absorber for incoming fire. Preliminary study of their nervous system suggests that nerve transmission is dampened above a certain pain threshold, allowing a Fiend to detect injury but not be slowed by it. Reports of Fiend encounters are often accompanied by casualty lists, and the militia advises that only a well-armed and organized team should handle a Fiend at full rampage.

The Fiend's body features greatly deviates from the standard Eiroch's, in that spikes adorns the fiend's head and shoulders.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

The Fiend has increased physical strength compared to the standard Eiroch's. The Fiend will charge and attempt melee attacks. When unable to reach its target, the Fiend will spit acid projectiles.

Defensive Edit

Fiend armor is significantly stronger from the standard Eiroch's. Fighting it alone is highly difficult without high-tier weaponry.

Tactics Edit

  • A Fiend will be less threatening if you can take a high ground that it can't climb up to, then the Fiend's attack will be limited to lobbing acid spit that can be easily dodged. Alas that also means the Fiend's vulnerable exposed flesh - which is primary is located at the back of its torso region - is out of direct line of fire. Since Fiends rarely attack alone - if the Fiend is not with other wildlife beasts then it's with a kett attack force - you might adopt this as a means to keep the Fiend out of the fight until you've dealt with other enemies in the field.
  • If fighting on the same level with a Fiend is unavoidable, remember that it is far more agile than its bulk suggests, so constant moving will be a must to avoid it getting close. Use the jump jet to exploit flanking opportunities to shoot it at its exposed flesh. Since it's organic, fire-based tech powers like Incinerate will be very useful.
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