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Finch is a human male who is a member of an Earth gang called the Tenth Street Reds, which used to include a younger Shepard if the Commander has the Earthborn background.

Mass Effect

Commander Shepard can meet Finch outside Chora's Den in the Citadel Wards. Finch addresses Shepard in passing and identifies himself as part of Shepard's former gang. Finch says that another gang member, Curt Weisman, has been arrested by the turians for a "minor offence", though he is in turian space at the time. Finch asks Shepard to talk to the turian guard in Chora's Den to secure Weisman's release. He threatens to reveal Shepard's shady past with the Reds if the Commander refuses.

If Shepard decides not to have Weisman freed, Finch declares that he will inform the galaxy how Shepard was once affiliated with the Reds. Shepard can either convince him to stay quiet or merely shoot him. This choice affects the turian guard's opinion of the first human Spectre.

Mass Effect 2

In 2185, via the private terminal Shepard receives a message from Finch if he was not killed. Although aware of Shepard's discontent at Finch finding the Commander two years prior, he encourages Shepard for working against the Collectors.

E-Mail : Hello from the Reds

From Finch


Had family on a colony that got hit. I used some contacts with the Reds and found a couple of people who said they could get you this message.

You might not have much use for me. You spend too much time with the damn aliens, pretending your time in the gangs back on Earth never happened. I know you weren't happy when I found you at the Citadel a couple years back.

But I'm glad you're on this. I hope you find whoever took my people on Freedom's Progress and kick their scaly asses. I'm glad it's a human finding these bastards. I'm glad it's you.

Do the Reds proud.