Disambiguous This article is about the talent in Mass Effect. For the power from Mass Effect 3, see Fitness (power).

Fitness is a survival-oriented talent that Soldiers, Infiltrators, and Krogan Battlemasters can unlock.

Fitness increases health and grants Immunity.

Talent Levels Edit

Level 1: Increases health by 10%.

Level 2: Increases health by 14%.

Level 3: Increases health by 17%.

Level 4: Immunity.

Level 5: Increases health by 20%.

Level 6: Increases health by 22%.

Level 7: Increases health by 24%.

Level 8: Advanced Immunity.

Level 9: Increases health by 26%.

Level 10: Increases health by 28%.

Level 11: Increases health by 30%.

Level 12: Master Immunity.

Immunity Edit

When activated, Immunity reduces damage by a set percentage, making it useful when under heavy fire while your shields recharge. Immunity is also used by powerful krogan (and on higher difficulties, human) enemies when they have taken heavy damage; its activation is indicated by the user's health bar turning white.

Note: This ability does not protect against special attacks like the Husk's electrical attack. It can prove especially difficult to counter in Hardcore difficulty.

Immunity Edit

Increases damage protection by 50%.

  • Accuracy Cost: 30%
  • Duration: 10s
  • Recharge Time: 60s

Advanced Immunity Edit

Increases damage protection by 60%.

  • Accuracy Cost: 30%
  • Duration: 15s
  • Recharge Time: 45s

Master Immunity Edit

Increases damage protection by 80%.

  • Accuracy Cost: 30%
  • Duration: 20s
  • Recharge Time: 30s

Specialization Edit

Commandos and Soldier-based Shock Troopers gain Immunity Specialization at level 9.

Level 9: Immunity Specialization: Reduces the recharge time on Immunity by 25%.

Classes Edit

These classes have access to the Fitness talent:

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