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The cover of a Fornax issue as seen in the Codex

Fornax is a magazine of human publication featuring acts of xenophilia. It costs five credits an issue, and is available on Omega.


Launched in 2167, the human-published magazine presents the galaxy with raunchy pictures of models from various races. With a predominance of unisexual asari models the publication also depicts both male and female quarians, drell, batarians, volus, and even hanar.

By its fifth year Fornax became the first human magazine to offer full five-sensory stimulation.

It has a monthly publishing of 127 million and is available both in hard-copy and for direct download. Specialty editions such as Genit-elcor and Krogasm service devoted but smaller markets.


  • Fornax is Latin for 'furnace' and seems an adequate name, given the nature of the magazine.
  • The name Fornax may also be a play on the word "fornication", meaning sexual intercourse, especially between unmarried individuals.
  • Fornax (originally called Fornax Chemica, lat. for chemical furnace) is the name of a star constellation.
  • Grunt, according to his Shadow Broker files, has purchased a Special Krogan edition of Fornax.