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I was wondering what the policy was regarding the "Properties" section of location articles. I'm asking because they seem to include information that is not given in the game, but has been either calculated using game-given values, or included as speculation. This information may also appear under other sections, such as "Satellites".


Presrop -- "The albedo comes out to −0.74 if one disregards the greenhouse effect." Amaranthine and Klensal -- "A silicate moon is visible from the landing site." (The specific word 'silicate' is what I am objecting to.) Chohe -- Most of the Properties section.

Could someone please confirm that either the information is given in an official place, or that it's okay to include this kind of derived and speculated-upon information? If not, does there need to be a project to clean up the location articles? -Sophia (talk) 21:29, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

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