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Policy: Demotion of Temporaleditor78, Again

Description of Policy: I would like to make a call for the removal of Temporaryeditor78 from his position as an admin for this wiki. If the majority voted in favor, he must remove his status as soon as possible, if not immediately. If not, then he can file an appeal to Wikia.

Notes: This is the third attempts to demote Temporaleditor78
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Like I said this is the third attempts to demote Temporaleditor78. First, I'm not saying he should be ban from the Mass Effect wiki simply remove him from his admin position. You can read the previous two attempts or even Temporaleditor78's talk page and clearly see this is a ongoing issues. My personal experience with Temproaleditor78 is that he block me for two weeks because I kept undoing his roll back of my edit. Now, I didn't know he was a admin but he didn't give a reason why he roll back my edit nor did he warn me of what I did "wrong" or try to talk to me. He simply block me and when I left message he responses was rude. The block also prevent me from communication to other admin in trying to resolve the issue. He come across as a tyrant. At least one person had left this wiki and starting another wiki,, those tiny - only 16 pages, it show that at least some of the decline on this wiki is because of him.

I understand that he is the most active contributor to the wiki but letting him get away with abusing his power seem unacceptable to me. He also did the blocking without warning to Kryalis, see

He own profile said, "I AM amused at your reactions to my reactions to your idiotic shenanigans." Which in my opinion come across as very arrogant.

He also, at least once, attempt to remove a forum,

He may end up blocking me for this but I feel it need to be done. I want to point out that I took several days debating this before deciding to post to the policy.

I had a grammar learning disability so please forgive any grammar mistakes.






Signature and Closing Note

Voting will end on April 11, 2017 (UTC) in keeping with policy.

--Allen Knott (talk) 05:43, April 4, 2017 (UTC)Allen Knott

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