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TopicLast EditLast Author
Does doing assignment tasks impair your main mission12:18, 29 May 2023Neo89515
List of Bugs19:13, 5 June 2021FelidaeSocialis
How to remap the key for skip dialog & select answer?11:22, 10 March 2021Antonia.York
Is DLC needed for the perfect ME3 ending?19:34, 4 November 2020Neo89515
Samantha Traynor "Game Night" - with Renegade FemShep18:07, 19 April 2020Doccubus584
Combat mastery17:19, 4 July 201947.185.205.142
Talent bonuses: cumulative or base only?16:00, 2 August 2018CompleCCity
New "tabview" style on weapons pages is messed for me...01:50, 21 February 2018Temporaryeditor78
War Assets - Mineral Resources14:29, 6 October 2017180.150.9.245
ME3: Mordin's Last Song21:49, 5 October 2017Callimas
Cannot get Jacob Taylor to use biotics10:21, 4 October 201772.23.171.51
Kedara vault glitch04:52, 10 April 201758.167.225.243
ME2 Kelly glitch?05:31, 27 March 2017IdioticRetard
Change Wreav into Wrex (not imported game)04:18, 27 March 2017IdioticRetard
Can't use Intel Terminal after ME3 Import15:28, 9 March 2017Victory122
Mass Effect 2: Use savegame in another XBOX 360 profile16:30, 11 January 2017193.169.30.10
PS3 transfer10:03, 3 August 2016TaikiRak
Game stops working problem19:01, 19 April 201673.252.134.61
Loosing connection11:25, 9 February 2016Elseweyr
ME2 DLC Issues - Fix06:50, 11 November 2015ShatterClub
ME1 Giveitem bug - please help?21:12, 29 October 2015Randuir
Mass Effect 3 Major Glitch?23:55, 8 August 201569.116.161.134
Possible to switch between characters?12:58, 22 July 2015Arbiteras
How do i get Mordin killed in a safe way (surefire way, and no other casualties) after doing loyalty mission in mass effect 2? I can't find info about that anywhere.20:01, 17 July 201591.158.179.240
ME2 - map query....??23:22, 14 June 2015Dischord-lexia
Can the whole crew survive Suicide mission even if I don't have Zaeed and other DLC characters?00:28, 24 May 2015173.58.100.7
Mass Effect 1 - Question about Ilos (spoilers?)23:32, 27 February 2015Temporaryeditor78
Datapad08:04, 22 February 201566.60.122.110
When is Mass Effect 4 coming out for next gen in the UK?17:46, 7 December 2014Awareness Bringer
Finishing mass effect19:42, 2 December 2014FirstDrellSpectre
Ammo Powers and Mod Effect clarification (ME3)10:42, 31 October 2014Elseweyr
Reactor glitch spot21:56, 16 October 2014Ctrl alt belief
ME2 purchases not appearing in game00:44, 10 October 2014173.58.251.107
Squad Memeber talent cheats16:12, 7 July 2014DivergenceEve
Ultralight Materials08:14, 3 July 2014Forever224
Codex entries for Vigil?14:55, 28 June 2014Aragorn8354
My Poison Strike Won't Activate!04:58, 23 June 2014Temporaryeditor78
ME2: Paramour achievement but still consumate with Liara?22:31, 11 June 201414.202.11.1
Ally Achievements09:13, 17 May 201483.251.134.167
Priority: Horizon15:47, 8 May 2014Cattlesquat
Question about armor glitch in ME101:18, 20 April 201424.56.35.52
ME1 DLC issues15:25, 25 February 2014Traditionalfire-fduser
Multiplayer: More Than 1 Player on a Console?01:00, 23 February 2014Ursaris
Minimum companions in ME108:25, 19 February 201450.143.86.92
Making sortable tables23:33, 16 February 2014Elseweyr
Mass effect BS16:10, 7 February 201468.188.182.215
Charisma and Electronics Help22:23, 6 February 2014Great Mara
Characters turning black, and other props21:12, 30 January 2014Ekolarasmagnum
Mass effect 3 Glitch03:51, 25 January 20141.123.194.6
Mass Effect 2 Ugrades bug23:42, 22 January 2014EagleS215
How to save Eve?!?!?04:18, 21 January 201475.87.194.79
ME1 Squadmates and Pistols09:44, 5 January 2014Great Mara
Inconsistent broken links in mobile skin on some pages13:11, 17 December 2013Durron597
Eletania18:26, 29 November 2013Temporaryeditor78
Planets already cleared still showing on map10:14, 19 November 2013Jthompson0577
Please help!!! i have no planets showing on the galaxy map although I am ready to go14:32, 17 November 201369.125.10.154
Me2 shadow broker dlc not triggering01:17, 16 November 2013TheUnknown285
Warp vs singularity09:45, 8 November 2013Elseweyr
Mass effect 1 Colossus Armor help05:54, 17 October 2013XRaiderV1
Music - Liara's memory sharing16:46, 14 October 201337.31.64.157
Use of pictures06:54, 11 October 2013Temporaryeditor78
Difficulty issue22:42, 2 October 2013Garhdo
Odd sound issues21:28, 2 October 201376.23.113.243
New console prob09:56, 26 September 2013Hypatia23
ME3 missing clusters on map08:01, 16 September 2013Elseweyr
Skipping crap20:04, 13 September 2013Cookiesnm1lk
ME1 armor codes for PC!?00:10, 5 September 201376.169.171.225
Me 2 transfer to me 317:56, 28 August 2013Creecher01
"Arrival" DLC Not Importing Into ME317:46, 6 August 2013AGayWarden
ME3 odd and serious glitch03:34, 3 August 2013Garhdo
ME2 Some destinations are missing21:18, 1 August 2013174.56.164.247
New to ME, trying to find out something...05:58, 16 July 2013Lilymoncat
ME3 helmet is not off during conversation?11:25, 14 July 2013Blazaphyrocqua
ME2 How do I ensure certain team memebers die during the suicide mission?00:43, 4 July 2013Garhdo
Question: Power damage vs armor damage03:14, 29 June 2013Tronix84
ME3 Server Issue10:08, 23 June 2013Tali's no.1 fan
Jarrahe station07:17, 5 June 2013Cattlesquat
Romance gone the wrong way04:07, 5 June 2013IceQuinn
DLC Issue Help!03:53, 28 May 2013Bigred3400
Editing weapon damage21:03, 21 May 201324.8.225.200
Armax arsenal arena squadmates00:16, 16 May 2013Trandra
New game plus?21:30, 28 April 2013109.145.68.91
ME1 on PS3 Corrupted16:37, 1 April 2013Rem700dude
Citadel: Scan the Keepers / Jahleed's Fears02:12, 30 March 2013IceQuinn
ME3 Very Laggy on PC21:23, 25 January 201387.252.128.155
ME3 Import/Replay question14:00, 18 January 2013LilyheartsLightning
Three questions-two games20:08, 11 January 201387.252.128.119
Samara help?17:32, 5 January 2013Legionwrex
No picture of ash in captains cabin me200:48, 30 December 201258.107.81.10
HELP!!! (2)23:58, 23 December 2012Commdor
Mass Effect PS3 save problem14:27, 23 December 2012CleberJunior
Creating an infobox20:48, 30 November 2012Trandra
Mass Effect Save Issue02:12, 27 November 2012Trandra
Arrival20:54, 3 November 2012Commdor
Alternate Appearances ME2 - ME303:34, 23 October 2012Galactus Kahn
The Mod Section for ME306:50, 19 October 2012Jonatannossrep
Question about Overlord14:03, 29 September 2012TarquiniusModestus
3850 EMS...Shepard Lived.18:44, 28 September 2012TarquiniusModestus
GLITCH00:30, 13 September 201250.72.159.22
How do I get "Reave" in Single Player for Mass Effect 3?20:14, 9 September 2012Mr. Mittens
How do I keep my fish alive in Mass Effect 2?21:29, 3 September 2012The Crazy Tactician!
M-55 argus15:53, 1 September 2012Slowrider7
DLC loading time problem15:58, 27 August 2012Aramat24
The Fuel Depot in the Widow System23:12, 25 August 2012Diyartifact
Weapon Spread on Squadmates08:07, 24 August 2012213.221.218.212
Noveria: Lorik Qui'in bug13:18, 18 August 2012TarquiniusModestus
Mass Effect 3 Firefight pack doesn't load.17:58, 15 August 2012Trandra
Mass Effect 1- ~0% GPU usage?21:47, 14 August 2012Haegemonia
Multiplayer Questions08:49, 13 August 2012The Crazy Tactician!
Conrad Verner?18:32, 12 August 2012Trandra
Imported character13:48, 9 August 2012Bldudas
Can't post in Mass Effect Wiki Answers20:41, 8 August 2012Lancer1289
How to get maximum EMS05:16, 7 August 2012Infiltrator N7
ME3: How Change Squadmates During Mission?17:26, 1 August 2012Lancer1289
Keeping Miranda alive15:15, 26 July 2012Skagger86
ME1 DLC03:33, 26 July 2012Commdor
Database Download19:38, 24 July 2012141.225.165.53
XML viewer for the MEwiki database dump00:00, 24 July 2012141.225.162.104
HELP ME, PLESE!!!!21:19, 23 July 2012Predatormen
N7 demolisher grenade miscount23:23, 21 July 2012Supdude111
Extracting ME1 Conversations22:03, 14 July 2012Jack Cole
Mass effect 2 DLC help10:46, 14 July 2012Brakedown307
Mp character selection glitch06:46, 11 July 2012Trandra
How do you play through From the Ashes after downloading. I can't figure it out?03:26, 9 July 2012TheUnknown285
Can I reach level 60 in two Playthroughs05:31, 7 July 2012Lksdjf
Do you need a 2nd on-line pass to play ME3 multiplayer on the same console, but different account?03:03, 2 July 2012The Crazy Tactician!
Hit box questions18:57, 1 July 2012Ctrl alt belief
Shield gate works only on sniper rifles?17:37, 1 July 2012Ctrl alt belief
Which companions exit Normandy in the final scene?08:55, 27 June 2012Trandra
In ME2, how to download DLC's and find them in-game?16:54, 18 June 201298.177.170.83
When do you get a commendation packs?20:09, 9 June 2012Supdude111
How to travel to feros08:10, 9 June 201298.223.114.114
Does "Bronze" count for "Operation Mastiff"?02:38, 9 June 2012Trandra
Will your N7 Rank reset if your 360/PS3/PC HDD crashes?14:59, 3 June 201268.199.88.60
How do I promote a player for this weekend event?18:18, 29 May 201263.255.155.58
Quik slots just stopped working in ME1.16:37, 29 May 201288.222.163.57
Promoting Classes20:51, 26 May 2012Trandra
ME1 - visible filter troubleshooting00:47, 26 May 2012FeckThisShyt
ME2 - New Game Editing17:51, 24 May 2012FeckThisShyt
Is it possible to freeze Kai Leng?03:45, 18 May 2012-Algol-
Damage reduction skills on insanity?04:39, 17 May 2012FeckThisShyt
More weird MP questions09:13, 16 May 2012ArmeniusLOD
Charge + Passive Barrier (shields)15:47, 14 May 2012177.35.101.124
Hungover Ashley01:46, 14 May 2012Shane for Wax
N7 Operation Silencer squad requirements clarification please...05:42, 13 May 2012Trandra
Import problems22:50, 12 May 2012Supdude111
Help Setting Up Project17:44, 11 May 2012SanjayBeast
"Shotgun Expert" achievement in Pinnacle Station ?12:26, 5 May 2012Yopadato
Weapon stats in ME301:02, 3 May 2012Supdude111
Diff. between ME2 on ps3 and 360. and ME323:19, 2 May 2012The Milkman
Infiltrator questions12:59, 24 April 2012Silverstrike
What is the maximum amount of gear in multiplayer?23:12, 23 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
Asari Justicar MP19:00, 22 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
Tech Armor14:33, 22 April 2012Corlist
Mass effect 1 exploration tweak?10:15, 22 April 2012Dantw
Kelly chambers and fish22:45, 21 April 2012WarPaint
How to take screenshots in Mass Effect 2 & 3?01:04, 21 April 2012TarquiniusModestus
Atlas Shenanigans18:16, 18 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
How to use Cobra Launcher?18:08, 18 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
Widow in Multiplayer18:04, 18 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
Inaccessible System in ME316:00, 18 April 2012Strykerhead
Did the story change much?19:19, 17 April 2012Darkshark74
Can I get the M99 Saber if I missed it in Sanctuary?18:58, 15 April 2012-Algol-
Too dumb to follow the walkthrough02:30, 14 April 2012-Algol-
Fortification/Barrier Power Bonus16:35, 12 April 2012Rtrnofdmax
James Vega and Random Alliance Questions02:19, 11 April 2012Threewine
Weekend Bonus Missions17:13, 10 April 2012Lancer1289
Warp Ammo14:52, 7 April 2012IIIExabyteIII
Is it just me or does there seem to be a class of "white weapons"14:09, 7 April 2012TarquiniusModestus
Tali ME2 Romance05:40, 6 April 2012Pepinjay667
Typical Mako issue...04:59, 5 April 2012Vincelettemarc
Is it possible to throw back enemy grenades?21:38, 4 April 2012Ctrl alt belief
Upgraded or squad ammo power?21:35, 4 April 2012TarquiniusModestus
Shepard to meet Ashley at D2 memorial?15:41, 3 April 2012MrRabbitSir
ME3 2nd Playthrough22:14, 1 April 2012GRPeng
Can someone please explain what just happened and what the hubbub is all about?19:25, 31 March 2012SunyiNyufi
Shepard dancing in Purgatory19:29, 29 March 2012GRPeng
Breaking up in MASS EFFECT 217:51, 29 March 2012GruffMuff
Do squad members have accuracy ratings19:22, 27 March 2012HockeyLord46
Promoting lvl 20 multiplayer class to Galaxy at War13:07, 27 March 2012Proxgotsthafia
Is there a way to get ME2 firepower pack free?19:49, 26 March 2012Commdor
Any PC users having crash problems in multiplayer?03:02, 26 March 2012GRPeng
Colossus armor, where can you get it?01:00, 26 March 2012The Shadow Broker
ME2 insanity save data affect on ME322:41, 25 March 2012Prismvg
Raise Chances of Success From Low but Measurable19:54, 25 March 2012Kainzorus Prime
ME3 control issues16:18, 24 March 2012Darth Something
Can you skip the mission on Feros?22:57, 23 March 2012-Algol-
Deleting ME1 and ME2 to save space17:31, 23 March 2012Tanooki1432
Paragon00:00, 23 March 2012Legionwrex
What's the difference between the Viper and the Raptor?23:31, 22 March 2012TheTanMan
"But you already have"18:25, 22 March 2012GRPeng
Time Sensitive Missions11:45, 22 March 2012Kennyannydenny
Can't get the Turian Seventh Fleet activated15:54, 21 March 2012112.135.82.178
DLC From Ashes Help02:11, 21 March 2012Kainzorus Prime
A Few Questions12:41, 19 March 2012156.79.106.158
Unable to begin final mission12:32, 19 March 2012156.79.106.158
Question about the "Dash to the Conduit" in ME315:01, 18 March 2012Kastrenzo
Clarification on "Readiness Rating"14:53, 18 March 2012Kastrenzo
Best multiplayer packs to buy19:47, 17 March 2012HockeyLord46
Preorder/N7 Edition content missing? Help?22:12, 16 March 2012The J Hat
Three questions10:12, 16 March 2012RansomTime
Killed the Harvester before getting blackstar09:12, 16 March 2012AhYes"TheReapers"
How do you get Reave from Kaiden in Mass 305:34, 16 March 2012Xaero Dumort
Getting Started05:05, 16 March 2012LordHermitCrab
Tali resurrection glitch?!23:34, 15 March 2012Kaloneous
Memory used by xbox 360 install23:30, 15 March 2012HockeyLord46
Multiplayer Powers Reset??20:52, 15 March 2012Commdor
Multiplayer Power Mapping?19:22, 15 March 2012156.79.106.158
New game plus question12:26, 15 March 2012SunyiNyufi
Flashing nebulas on the galaxy map?22:09, 14 March 2012Lyco499
Multiplayer Power Reset??17:46, 14 March 2012156.79.106.158
AT-12 Raider shotgun?05:14, 14 March 2012Kaloneous
Is there a ME3 Adversaries Infobox?04:50, 14 March 2012Stormkeeper
ME2 Potential Import Issues03:39, 14 March 2012Morgasm
Master and Commander Achievement14:35, 13 March 201283.251.85.117
Question about romance03:36, 13 March 2012108.39.97.244
Can you check mid-game what game mode you are in?22:16, 12 March 2012143.239.7.4
Missing destinations in galaxy map?18:29, 12 March 2012156.79.106.158
ME3 Ladder Too High18:26, 12 March 2012RansomTime
ME3 Geth pulse Rifle?20:34, 11 March 2012Mattman909
Question about ME3 ending17:11, 11 March 2012MisterRandom2
Mass Effect 3 Ending doesn't make any sense?06:54, 11 March 201268.199.88.60
Lair of the shadow broker18:17, 10 March 2012173.175.51.229
Importing saves from cracked version to original on mass effect 315:38, 9 March 201287.97.141.189
Collector Edition Downloads06:05, 9 March 2012132.178.2.63
ME2 Romance Imports19:25, 8 March 2012207.233.120.5
Can you recustomize your character when importing saves?17:17, 8 March 201258.7.254.3
I need help about from ashes15:37, 8 March 2012Teugene
Will I be able to import my save from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3 from another pc?04:08, 8 March 2012Teugene
Singularity expand21:33, 7 March 2012184.175.6.34
Quick Run ME1 to ME2 to ME315:03, 7 March 2012220.245.152.187
Weapon/Armor Import14:40, 7 March 2012156.79.106.158
I want all of the "female" squad members to survive & all the "males" to die in Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360. How do I do this?14:37, 7 March 2012220.245.152.187
Me2 save file doesn't show up when I go to import me2 section in ME3 HELP!00:22, 7 March 2012Tanooki1432
Lair of the Shadow Broker into ME313:03, 6 March 201276.90.254.237
Origin Order Status01:05, 28 February 2012Darkshark74
Glitches04:40, 27 February 2012Supdude34
What is the symbol...23:26, 26 February 2012Commdor
What is the promote button?19:03, 25 February 2012Commdor
I am looking to find out what MINOR decisions are made in ME2 for PS3 from ME100:47, 24 February 2012Cheese of Borg
All Squad and Shepard DIED18:56, 21 February 2012Mr Rinn
DLC files for Project Overlord07:36, 21 February 201299.13.196.241
Septimus and Shai'ra00:43, 21 February 201285.81.29.12
All Species Speaking the same language?21:03, 20 February 2012Lancer1289
Level 6016:32, 18 February 201292.40.147.51
Do upgrades carry over to ME3?15:23, 18 February 2012Lancer1289
Investment opportunities05:48, 18 February 201298.209.42.180
The deactivated reaper in ME223:00, 17 February 2012Ironreaper
Having odd problem with mission: Lair of the Shadow broker16:07, 17 February 2012Lancer1289
Enemies partially disappearing19:54, 11 February 2012Lancer1289
ME1 End Save Issue02:27, 10 February 2012Kenrobinson1982
Why have Talk pages?01:37, 5 February 2012Dammej
Question about mass effect 3 on ps304:31, 1 February 2012211.30.44.215
Canon Order?14:48, 31 January 2012Darkshark74
I lost my savegame D:, what can I do?12:46, 29 January 2012JakePT
Overlord glitch01:54, 29 January 2012Xaero Dumort
Mass Effect 1 insanity difficulty22:59, 25 January 201290.229.194.73
Inferno armor code for Blood Dragon Armor21:32, 25 January 2012Bluegear93
Severe graphics glitches throughout game04:40, 18 January 201268.4.132.112
(POSSIBLE SPOILER)Thane in ME322:39, 17 January 201267.250.95.164
Character Transfer For mass effect 300:21, 15 January 2012RansomTime
HELP!!!20:10, 10 January 2012Legionwrex
Mass Effect 2 Cut Content Revision Needed21:41, 6 January 2012DavvyJones96
Blog Entry: Where Is It?00:13, 6 January 2012Commdor
Got ME2, cannot use my own EA/Origin account with it?18:50, 5 January 2012142.59.220.233
Soundtrack19:58, 15 December 2011Commdor
Default Choices15:05, 11 December 201124.63.131.11
DLC Questions20:23, 17 November 2011The J Hat
Miranda won't talk to me07:01, 2 November 2011Legionwrex
Jack romance after the Suicide Mission19:09, 28 October 2011Ygrain
Liara romance in ME2.16:03, 26 October 2011Lancer1289
Commander shepard14:51, 25 October 2011Diyartifact
Aegis pack bug13:01, 21 October 201186.148.122.230
How to unlock Liara on mass efect 1?04:31, 16 October 2011Lancer1289
Stealing Memory00:43, 11 October 2011TheUnknown285
Solution to ME2 autologin problem19:16, 3 October 2011RoseLegion
Mass Effect DLC's for pc help19:12, 3 October 2011RoseLegion
Finishing off the game06:22, 26 September 2011Legionwrex
Shadow Broker's comments on squad member23:53, 22 September 2011Lancer1289
Insanity Playthrough Setting08:42, 22 September 2011RS Kossery
Combat Class07:51, 19 September 2011RS Kossery
Novel or game?19:25, 17 September 2011Xaero Dumort
2nd Playthrough on Same Character ME file transfer13:43, 16 September 2011Lancer1289
Reave13:19, 7 September 2011RS Kossery
Spectre Status in ME217:55, 6 September 201199.95.48.121
Salarian spectre?18:05, 5 September 2011Captainhu
Paragon Cheat21:37, 4 September 2011Darkshark74
Can I not edit my profile from an Itouch01:52, 2 September 2011Commdor
Eidetic Memory or Hyperthymesia?19:35, 29 August 2011Tzudro
Missing pieces20:04, 27 August 2011Dziugs
ME1 Dating Ashley and having complete codex19:59, 26 August 2011Lancer1289
Samara mission problem03:50, 26 August 2011Lancer1289
Quick route through Insanity with sentinel07:42, 25 August 2011VampiricBeast13
X Box 360 Controls on PS3 affecting gameplay06:12, 21 August 2011LDR
Character question05:11, 19 August 2011Commdor
Things to do post-game20:29, 16 August 2011Lancer1289
How to invite love interest to captain's quarters?18:18, 13 August 2011Kiadony
DLC question01:11, 13 August 2011Lancer1289
Request to speak to the site administrator20:46, 11 August 2011SpartHawg948
FBA Coupling - No crew15:33, 11 August 2011Prismvg
Jerky Camera and Character Movement23:54, 8 August 2011Haegemonia
How can i save both morinth and samara for ME3?11:08, 2 August 2011Szpopi
What Patches Do I Have To Download?!?01:40, 30 July 201175.107.44.88
Deleting blog post20:58, 29 July 2011Commdor
Corrupted Save Issue20:54, 29 July 2011Legionwrex
Avatar edit issue07:20, 28 July 2011Kiadony
Can I still play bring down the sky after I've beaten Sovereign?02:12, 28 July 2011TheSaltyPilgrim
If I use a cheat (PC version) like add a weapon or another item, my savegame can be corrupted?19:55, 27 July 2011190.204.224.14
ME2 Experience02:53, 26 July 2011POEE
Problem getting DLC from Cerberus04:53, 24 July 2011Lancer1289
More Than 10/10 Upgrades13:58, 21 July 2011114.79.49.249
Killing Squad Members in ME2 for ME312:05, 21 July 2011132.244.72.4
Cerberus Network issue19:26, 18 July 2011The Cat Master
Finishing the game perfect18:28, 10 July 2011174.22.206.140
How to gain full team loyalty?15:53, 8 July 2011Lancer1289
ME1 Carry over question08:50, 7 July 2011Kiadony
Is it possible to do the majority of the ME2 Playthrough on any difficulty, and then switch over to hardcore to get the Geth Rifle?06:52, 6 July 2011SpartHawg948
Requisitions officer doesn't sell Spectre Gear anymore09:46, 4 July 2011124.176.1.191
Problems connecting to Wikia sites?02:59, 1 July 2011Commdor
Achievement Glitch (HELP!!!)22:50, 29 June 201166.50.8.120
How to disable tutorials (ME2)?19:45, 26 June 2011Mitranim
Mass Effect 2 PC Download from Bioware11:30, 25 June 2011Totesmuhgoats
1 Full and 2 Quick Playthroughs19:08, 21 June 201167.166.207.210
Problem understanding DLC conditions19:19, 20 June 2011212.139.82.198
Armor and Weapon lvls01:07, 17 June 2011SparksIT
Activating Cerberus network halfway trough the game19:31, 16 June 2011Lancer1289
PS3 ME2 Downloadable version questions18:17, 16 June 2011RiftJargon
M2 weapon per team mate guide request09:31, 15 June 201183.208.101.226
Unlock Max Level Block04:33, 12 June 2011Raven Frosth
Killing Zaeed and Grunt21:35, 8 June 2011Dblitz13
What happens when I transfer mass effect 1 to mass effect 2?04:06, 6 June 2011RiftJargon
Regaining crew loyalty21:41, 31 May 2011Lancer1289
Blood Dragon Armor Code18:41, 31 May 2011Snackinzack
Hacking15:42, 31 May 2011Lancer1289
Reload Blog posts main page16:49, 27 May 2011RayShepp654
Morality Question02:21, 22 May 2011Lancer1289
Archangel16:43, 18 May 2011Lancer1289
Shopping before entering omega 4 relay03:19, 15 May 201167.246.55.87
Miranda Powers Not Available?06:16, 5 May 201176.92.139.126
Small text tags not working18:46, 4 May 2011Commdor
New Sidebar Element Being Tested18:43, 4 May 2011TimmyQuivy
Possible Glitch?17:30, 1 May 201171.214.242.219
Difficulty - Hardcore00:28, 30 April 2011Jason Ramano Hallstrom
Heavy Krogan Bounty Hunter Armor19:54, 28 April 2011Lancer1289
Minor Technical Changes Coming15:03, 18 April 2011TimmyQuivy
Rachni Queen Decision on Default02:32, 14 April 2011Lancer1289
Citadel Council Issues02:26, 11 April 201124.61.52.4
Firewalker Missions22:20, 9 April 2011Freakium
A story question: Why Saren and why the Collectors?08:08, 1 April 2011GerbilSK
Arrival DLC does not show up20:20, 29 March 2011Lancer1289
DECRYPTION17:33, 29 March 2011Lancer1289
HOW to target?23:22, 27 March 2011Sdpens
Recon hood18:32, 19 March 2011Commdor
DLC Not showing up?12:41, 14 March 2011Neb20
What is power duration?21:00, 5 March 2011El expl0siv0
Class passive and bonus skills17:00, 4 March 201182.173.213.195
Lair of SB dlc- black screen during chase16:57, 4 March 201182.173.213.195
New character. Which class?16:38, 4 March 2011El expl0siv0
Question regards my plan to import ME1 to ME209:37, 2 March 2011SpartHawg948
Post your final mission combinations and results00:53, 28 February 2011Lancer1289
Depart Rift Station13:47, 15 February 2011Lancer1289
Mass Effect 2 : Stuck on Planet Omega16:04, 12 February 201172.20.58.129
Freedoms Progress Glitch08:26, 8 February 201168.63.28.96
Squad Points are really weird...22:13, 6 February 2011Sdpens
Lair of the Shadow Broker Paragon/Renegade bug.01:28, 3 February 2011Voided Presence
Mass effect 2 PS3 version bug05:39, 25 January 2011Dsniper17
The hard way achievement14:28, 24 January 2011Lancer1289
Multiple playthroughs and import from ME1 to ME201:49, 19 January 201175.83.253.161
Dossier: The Veteran21:56, 16 January 2011Lancer1289
Understanding Upgrades - HELP!02:33, 10 January 2011202.53.199.23
PC Graphical Problem12:15, 7 January 2011Morinth's Lover
Czech modification03:08, 6 January 2011Dexikovicek
Question about ME1 ending05:22, 7 December 2010SpartHawg948
Savegame and DLC question regarding languages20:56, 23 November 2010.neck
Hardcore Difficulty with imported Character15:31, 16 November 2010.neck
Optimizing Monobook for site23:18, 7 November 2010Ramikadyc
Bonus power20:41, 7 November 2010Deadmise
I don't really get Geth (ME1 and ME2 spoilers)20:58, 24 October 2010Commdor
Text Looks Squished02:40, 23 October 2010Dammej
Betting on Urz bug?23:49, 21 October 2010Amir George
New, un-imported game decisions10:06, 10 October 2010JakePT
Eden Prime Final Bomb18:16, 4 October 2010Dammej
Kelly and Thane romance : stuck !01:50, 28 September 2010Lx MALEX xl
Shadow Broker Base: What's "tomorrow"?03:25, 21 September 2010The Supreme Deity
57-60 in ME100:34, 21 September 2010Salicia97
Concerning Liara while already in a relationship00:48, 17 September 2010130.68.243.171
"spend" time in ME205:25, 14 September 2010JakePT
Achivements File19:12, 9 September 2010189.29.120.5
Mission decisions19:38, 8 September 201095.222.87.201
What timezone is the ME website13:05, 7 September 2010JakePT
How often should i talk to crew members in me1 to get convo updates?16:05, 1 September 201090.218.168.20
Break up with ashley14:27, 1 September 2010Dammej
Blood Dragon Armor HELP12:10, 1 September 2010RayShepp654
Another DLC question23:32, 31 August 2010Commdor
DLC requires you start a new game?23:21, 31 August 2010124.198.172.11
Have I lost Liara forever?21:01, 30 August 2010Thermoptic
Do credits/equip. port over to ME2?14:07, 30 August 201074.136.131.199
Blood Dragon Armor18:28, 27 August 2010RayShepp654
Infiltrator on Insanity22:25, 26 August 2010RayShepp654
ME2- "No One Left Behind"15:16, 26 August 2010Tanooki1432
Help in ME101:28, 24 August 2010Lancer1289
Miranda is missing16:28, 22 August 2010Lancer1289
Shortened dialogue with Liara, bad consequences?02:47, 20 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
ME1 difficulty achievements02:42, 20 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
No picture in Captains Cabin20:25, 19 August 2010Lancer1289
Legion options19:22, 19 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
After the IFF...20:06, 18 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
My collector edition stuff hasn't downloaded18:20, 17 August 201090.206.106.58
Can't land on Aeia (The Gift of Greatness)14:28, 17 August 2010213.233.246.182
How to get Miranda back after breaking up07:16, 17 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
Legion and Tali confrontation07:13, 17 August 2010Lx MALEX xl
Reaper IFF glitch, RIGHT NEAR THE END!!18:37, 16 August 2010RayShepp654
Achievements Lost00:48, 14 August 201093.138.26.42
Over ride ammo pwer02:56, 13 August 201099.61.40.108
Colour change?23:55, 10 August 2010Lazuli
Redeem code DLC glitch17:28, 8 August 2010Arbington
What's best way to get Renagade Points (ME2)?14:42, 6 August 2010ArmeniusLOD
How long have I got left?11:33, 31 July 2010Zetomb
Recommended Ammount of Resources for Infiltrator05:46, 31 July 2010Foxtrot12
Squad talent point amounts?00:16, 26 July 2010John117XL
Creating screenshots in ME215:14, 16 July 201081.182.135.252
Tali Loyalty question00:54, 15 July 2010Ccbermanzzpedia
Remove Talent Points06:26, 13 July 2010142.59.220.119
Can someone confirm this bug.....11:26, 4 July 2010Djdelirius
Question on The Art of Mass Effect14:19, 1 July 2010WrexRocks
ME1 Paragon/Renegade Points Glitch20:19, 28 June 2010TS2Aggie
Need Some Tips on the Final Pinnacle Station Capture Mission06:00, 28 June 2010TS2Aggie
ME1 - achievements question08:25, 25 June 2010Freakium
Help using the mako..14:24, 18 June 2010PikaShepard
Why can't I use medi-gel?18:42, 14 June 2010Lancer1289
Issues with Reeger16:36, 13 June 2010Shazaam Vas Qwib Qwib
Can you turn off the startup movies?13:06, 11 June 2010Teugene
Jack Romance - have I blown it?10:18, 9 June 2010ArmeniusLOD
Mass Effect customizing keys?07:01, 8 June 2010Ramontana
False Positives quest02:17, 26 May 2010TS2Aggie
I can't import a save game from ME1 to ME2 can some one please help me?22:29, 16 May 2010TS2Aggie
ME2 Endgame glitch12:28, 12 May 2010TS2Aggie
Tech/Biotic Protection07:07, 12 May 201071.106.224.228
Completionist Achievement05:45, 9 May 2010TS2Aggie
About to play ME2 - Gameplay pitfalls like in ME1?00:19, 9 May 2010Paz444
Stuck at door Kasumi mission19:08, 8 May 2010TS2Aggie
Money in ME217:25, 2 May 2010ShootMeNow911
Bonus skill point glitch at end of Kasumi Loyalty mission17:10, 2 May 2010ShootMeNow911
Easier way to find a place on the map?01:28, 2 May 201019Bravo
Need help ME1 import unavailable? (spoilers)05:44, 30 April 2010Sushisteve
Daughters of samara23:38, 28 April 2010Kyanha
Cannot Purchase Items12:07, 23 April 2010TS2Aggie
XP gain from second playthrough?19:40, 12 April 2010Baron Von Awesome
Ultimate failure playthrough13:29, 31 March 2010Ralok
Weapon achievement - does the made on the holos of the pinnacle station counts?13:14, 30 March 2010Dblitz13
Help at end of W E 113:09, 30 March 2010Dblitz13
Question about insanity difficulty.01:25, 20 March 2010Rath101
Cain Glitch15:23, 19 March 2010DaitahnShepard
How to Get Kelly03:02, 17 March 2010132.50.10.45
Can't find Normandy Crash Site01:59, 14 March 2010Lancer1289
Cant resolve the Miranda/Jack issue19:09, 13 March 2010Diyartifact
Save after endgame save?16:15, 12 March 2010212.83.70.217
Game Disc Switch to CE17:30, 10 March 2010Jadis4742
Powers glitch "grunt"04:20, 6 March 2010173.17.94.211
Miranda romance question19:39, 5 March 2010ArmeniusLOD
Advanced Training skills not added17:47, 5 March 2010ArmeniusLOD
Biotic Talents17:28, 5 March 2010ArmeniusLOD
Virmire08:08, 3 March 201071.228.171.34
Kaidan romance how to07:04, 3 March 2010Plp5458
Collector base, every1 lives???01:17, 28 February 2010SpartHawg948
Anonymous revert spammer19:17, 23 February 2010Teugene
Can't save game08:14, 23 February 2010125.236.140.3
Getting to level 6017:37, 22 February 2010Darth Crater
ME2 - Do ammo powers stack?09:39, 22 February 2010Teugene
How do you kill Shepard?16:01, 19 February 2010173.13.226.85
Appearance18:26, 14 February 2010BuddyPharaoh
Thane22:25, 13 February 201088.239.141.242
Long intro in me2 - any way to skip it?07:55, 13 February 2010Mitsubishi
Fish22:37, 12 February 2010Dbushik
Illusive man Background21:45, 12 February 201090.237.191.239
My squad mate dying...21:36, 12 February 2010Oasked
Predator L armor17:22, 12 February 2010Silverstrike
Collector Ship15:09, 12 February 2010173.13.226.85
Tali+Legion's Loyalty05:19, 11 February 201065.60.218.67
Vanguards and the Reverant21:34, 9 February 201075.118.241.251
Pylos Nebula and Hades Nexus don't show up (ME2)13:16, 9 February 2010121.209.88.53
Game crash12:28, 9 February 201085.24.115.226
How much Paragon do you need for Miranda&Jack17:38, 7 February 2010Airraid232
Prothean Skyway Access post Feros campaign15:06, 6 February 201094.1.15.196
Miranda's Angry At Me...13:26, 4 February 2010Shihchiun
(ME1) Can you fill up Charm/Intimidate without putting points towards it?03:54, 4 February 2010ArmeniusLOD
Completion of UNC: Listening Post Alpha03:46, 4 February 2010ArmeniusLOD
Can't complete Normandy Crash Site03:39, 4 February 2010ArmeniusLOD
HAcking Mini Game ME220:36, 3 February 2010Hydon
Character import 360-PC02:06, 3 February 2010Mofette
Kelly Chambers Dies?15:27, 1 February 2010Pathelon
New Game + Help15:01, 1 February 2010Shihchiun
Can't Keep Everyone Alive on last Mission20:05, 31 January 2010Iamclyde
Samara's loyalty quest01:27, 31 January 2010Iamclyde
"Paramour" search on Mass Effect wiki broken20:05, 29 January 2010173.51.104.11
Shepard's eyes (ME2)08:55, 29 January 2010Kraldor
Achievements and Concurrent playthroughs00:46, 29 January 201024.242.215.16
What concludes the Romance09:45, 26 January 2010Ralok
How to reach beyond lvl50 on the first playthrough?02:20, 26 January 201024.34.115.233
Pinnacle station for unlocking weapon achievements plz help17:15, 24 January 201024.226.141.20
Renegade question.16:45, 22 January 2010Svolta
Overload and AI Hacking Pages03:27, 22 January 2010Tahaneira
Miranda Lawson Romance03:07, 22 January 2010Tahaneira
Mass Effect 2 data import information23:24, 11 January 201067.169.177.16
Error: Assault Training not available to Infiltrators (ME1)19:40, 10 January 2010Tullis
Gaining ally acevment21:44, 7 January 2010ArmeniusLOD
Info boxes for planets15:33, 21 December 2009Ralok
Problem: beautiful shadows but clipped11:50, 13 December 200985.219.19.242
Problem with textures on Liara's Dig Site09:59, 8 December 2009Brfritos
Kahoku's body isn't around at the end of Cerberus assignment...19:45, 7 December 200998.165.176.150
Mako stuck on the skyway03:49, 6 December 200960.240.68.213
Fist's warehouse is locked!!13:38, 25 November 2009Tullis
No map locations (minor spoilers)08:53, 22 November 200998.66.174.42
Original Batarian Image09:28, 20 November 2009SpartHawg948
How to hide Crosshairs17:40, 9 November 200988.66.245.127
Can't access Pinnacle Station18:39, 6 October 200924.175.77.24
Stuck behind an un-openable door on Feros21:35, 1 October 2009Romanboy
Hardcore Sharjila help10:45, 21 September 2009Silverstrike
Permanent Overheat12:40, 18 September 2009Tullis
Wheres My Bonus Talent?12:48, 16 September 2009Tullis
PC Achievement15:46, 14 September 2009Silverstrike
Death of squad memebers15:28, 14 September 2009Silverstrike
Damage to husk08:19, 13 September 2009SpartHawg948
Cant Find Garrus20:41, 10 September 2009Sonicplacebo
Stuck Achievements17:52, 6 September 2009Silverstrike
Lift does not appear15:15, 6 September 2009209.208.106.250
Thorian help21:47, 3 September 2009Tullis
Whats thid mission02:08, 3 September 2009Tullis
Disembarking the mako13:55, 7 August 2009QVCatullus
Have I messed up both potential romance subplots?20:28, 1 August 200971.61.97.8
Companion skills22:11, 27 July 200998.65.211.143
Opening door in save the quarian23:18, 18 July 2009QVCatullus
Trouble with Antibaar dropship19:41, 15 July 2009QVCatullus
Sniper Rifle Questions17:41, 28 June 2009Llamator
Omni-tool trouble18:30, 12 June 200966.27.115.146
Replay difficulty settings?19:26, 19 May 2009Tullis
Accedently declined septimus's quest12:55, 15 May 2009Tullis
ODS Upload failing?11:49, 1 May 2009Andrew.pierson
Can U Reset Your Skill Points When U Load An Existing Character??02:57, 7 April 2009Tullis
Serrice license problem01:37, 12 March 2009Tullis
Remap quick slots22:50, 9 February 2009Silverstrike
Error message. Help?21:09, 25 January 2009Silverstrike
SSV Normandy20:07, 15 January 2009Darth Kubik
Continue after story ends?13:54, 31 December 2008Tullis
Shepard - Liara romance question19:12, 7 December 2008Tullis
I just beat the game, but it wont allow me to play through a second time? Anyone know why?13:44, 2 December 2008Tullis
How far along the game do you have to be to become trained w/ the assault rifle and sniper rifle?21:41, 25 November 2008Tullis
Where should I add a Morality guide?10:20, 26 September 2008Karstedt
Help with mass effect12:40, 12 September 200876.108.117.138
Persidium prophet01:17, 19 August 200876.120.125.26
Electronics skills?20:59, 9 August 2008Tullis
Missing Stronghold03:57, 30 July 2008DRY
Help in keepers assighment17:54, 13 June 2008Irian
Galaxy map help17:43, 2 June 2008NecrontyrXV
How do i get the hades dogs mission?21:07, 6 May 2008216.146.164.170
Dose anyone know where I could buy Explorer armour for me and my squad?09:10, 11 February 2008Dark Energy
Mass Effect Achievment Help21:05, 7 January 2008WRAITH
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