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Project: Mapping planets in Mass Effect Andromeda

Looking for suggestions or instructions on mapping Mass Effect Andromeda's planets.
Currently developed by: BangoGerstfeld
Developer(s) notes: I'm currently mapping Eps. I wonder what would be the best way to present the maps on the wiki, and if there are any rules or conformities I should comply with when building maps for the wiki.
Status last updated: 2017-09-08

Page location:
Page should contain:
Supporting links or images: Example map: Eos#Site_1
Discussion on:

Other Notes

Comments Edit

Some points I considered. If you disagree or if you have other suggestions, please let me know.

image formatEdit

The wiki says it prefers pong images over jpg images. But png maps would be three to four mb each where jpg images are only 500 to 600 kb each. I used jpg images so far because I don't think that image quality is that important for maps, compared to the increased size.

sub mapsEdit

I think it is best to have an overview-map for each planet and a number of sub-maps for details. Eos would have twenty to twenty-five sub-maps.

how to integrate the maps into pagesEdit

I put two sub-mapg on the Eos page. (A little premature.) I don't like this approach anymore because it clutters the article. Instead I would put an 800px-wide overview map into the planet's article and put an imagemap over it with links to extra articles for the sub-maps.

categories of markersEdit

The maps for Mass Effect had two categories of markers: minerals and other. Because of the larger quantity of 'mappable locations' I have more categories.

  • map area: yellow
  • forward station: blue
  • memory trigger: purple
  • remnant monolith: grey
  • mineral node: teal
  • hidden cache: red
  • quest location: green
  • other: orange

marker paginationEdit

The maps for Mass Effect had separate paginations for each category of markers. Because of the large quantity of markers on the Andromeda maps I made a single pagination for each map over all marker categories.

points of interest tablesEdit

The poi tables for Mass Effect had three columns: location, appearance and description. I don't think the that appearance-column makes much sense for Andromeda so I dropped it.

table templateEdit

(Only if more marker categories than mineral and other will be used) The poi tables for Mass Effect use a template where you can specify the marker category by template parameter. I would like to expand this template or make a new template. But I can't figure out where the class "poi-bullet-red" is defined. Can you lead me on?

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