For the mission, see Freedom's Progress (mission).

Freedom's Progress is a human colony located in the Terminus Systems. Situated on blocky terrain, its nighttime skyline is dominated by what appears to be two moons: a large one hanging overcast, and another one roughly analogous to Luna in size and brightness.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Freedom's Progress is a typical human settlement, with little defenses beyond a small military force, supplemented by mechs and security drones.

Commander Shepard travels to Freedom's Progress to investigate an attack on the colony by the Collectors. The colony was attacked only several hours before Shepard's arrival with no signs of conflict. While there, the Commander encounters Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Prazza, and several other quarians who are searching for another of their kind, Veetor, who has gone missing while on his Pilgrimage. However, while there, the Commander is confronted by various security drones reprogrammed by Veetor to attack anyone in the area, in order to protect himself should the Collectors return.

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