Freelancers are mercenaries that are not a part of any established band or group. As the name implies, they operate alone and will work for anyone who pays.

During the Archangel recruitment mission, the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack have been hiring freelancers to serve as distractions for Archangel, while Tarak, the local Blue Suns leader, enacted his plan to bring down the vigilante. Shepard and squad must sign up as freelancers in order to gain access to Archangel.

Capabilities Edit


Freelancers are armed with either M-8 Avenger assault rifles, M-3 Predator pistols, or M-9 Tempest submachine guns.


Freelancers have only health on lower difficulties, whereas on higher ones they have light shielding.

Tactics Edit

  • Freelancers have no shields or armor on lower difficulty levels, but gain low shielding on higher ones, and generally wield assault rifles.
  • Their vulnerability is increased by the fact that Shepard and squad, having signed on as Freelancers themselves, have the element of surprise. They are very easy to take out. Avoid their gunfire, fire a couple of controlled bursts, and the freelancers will fall in no time.
  • Squadmates with crowd control powers can rip their ranks apart. It is worth doing this mission last so you can combine Jack's Shockwave and Jacob's Pull to get rid of them easily.
  • Singularity is good option if Shepard is an Adept, or if Shepard is an Engineer, Combat Drone works well. Soldiers are best off using Adrenaline Rush to get easy headshots with the M-6 Carnifex.

Trivia Edit

  • During the mission, a single Freelancer with the title "Freelance Bomb Tech" is encountered inside Archangel's base, and is presumably responsible for planting and arming the bombs found there. Despite the Freelance Bomb Tech's unique title, he is identical to other Freelancers in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities.
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