MEA Journal - Voeld
If the Irritated Researcher is spoken to first:

A Voeld scientist is complaining about some kind of interference with his equipment.

If SAM alerts Ryder to the signal nearby first:
An unknown source is causing interference with Voeld's communication equipment. Clear communication is important to Voeld's viability. Any possibility that the kett are somehow tapping in to communications should be investigated.

A strange meteorite appears to be the source of the communication interference. It must be dealt with.

Acquisition Edit

This mission can be acquired by two different methods:

Walkthrough Edit

Examine the equipment Edit

Note: This objective is only shown in game if acquired at Hjara Station.
Examine the equipment next to the researcher. SAM detects a faint regular pattern in the signal, indicating it could be potential kett interference, which must be investigated.

In the same room as the researcher, you can scan Communications Equipment for +10 Rd icon heleus orange and an Angaran Integrated Tech Node for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Before leaving Hjara Station, there are two more Angaran Integrated Tech Nodes that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange each (+200 Rd icon heleus orange total).

  • One node is in a small building next to Janleth.
  • One node is on a higher ledge in the northern part of Hjara Station near the Merchant.

There is an Infrared Surveillance Device near the Merchant that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

Search forr interference source Edit

Head north-northwest of Techiix to find the meteorite near a small bluff on the edge of the frozen lake. The source turns out to be a meteorite emitting radiation that disturbs communication signals.

Defeat adhi Edit

A large pack of Wild Adhi comes rushing to the area. Slay them.

Scan meteorite Edit

Scan the meteorite. SAM can modify your omni-tool so it will dampen the disturbing radiation.

Neutralize signal Edit

Interact with the meteorite to try and dampen the signal. Ryder will find that this is a very slow process and another pack of Wild Adhi will attack. Defeat them. After the battle, interact with the meteorite again to dampen the signal. This time the dampening process is much faster.

Examine meteorite Edit

A cutscene starts with Ryder and SAM having a discussion about the meteorite. It turns out to be a meteorite that has picked up some traces of the Scourge.

You have to decide what to do with the meteorite: send it to the Nexus to be studied, or leave it on the planet, citing it as too dangerous.

The mission then ends.

Aftermath Edit

If the meteorite is sent to the Nexus, you get an e-mail from Chief Lucan.

Curious Voeld Rock
To: Ryder
From: Chief Lucan


This rock you found is certainly something. As far as I can tell, it's a remnant of a meteoroid that passed through the Scourge before falling to Voeld, infusing it with a similar charge. The presence of Heleus-native metallic elements within the rock may have allowed for such a transfer. I'm unsure why the adhi reacted to it the way they did.

I've stored it in a lead-lined box. It unnerves me.

Chief Lucan

Rewards Edit

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