MEA Journal - H-047c
A group of outlaws are on the H-047c mining helium-3, a potentially dangerous explosive substance. You've also found a partial passcode to their main base. To learn the extent of their plans, locate the rest of the passcode.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: H-047c: A New World

Straight to the west from the landing zone in Cocytus Plateau is a mining site protected by a domed orange energy shield. Reading a datapad (marked with a MEA New Mission Map Icon) in a building inside the dome begins this mission.

Message for Alvis
Got plenty of helium-3 soil at this site, but I think we'll deplete it pretty quickly. Once we finish here, head back to the base. Krex will add it to the stash.

In case you didn't get the passcode, it's 63&&[DATA CORRUPTED]

Walkthrough Edit

Upon entering the dome using the Nomad Airlock (marked withMEA Point Of Interest Map Icon), Ryder is attacked by Outlaws. Defeat the outlaws and explore the dome.

  • In the building is a datapad with a message for Alvis (which starts the mission). The writer expects them to deplete the helium-3 at this site quickly. Someone named Krex will then add it to the stash. The end of the message is corrupted, but a partial passcode can be seen. SAM informs that helium-3 is used for shuttle fuel.
  • There are many nodes of nickel in the dome.
  • There are two Storage Tanks that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange (+20 Rd icon milkyway orange total).
  • There is an Exile Rock Runner that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is a Concentration Sensor that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is a Titanium Sample in the dome that can be scanned for Task: Hitting Rocks for Science.
  • There are two lootable containers in the area.
  • There is a Loadout terminalMEA Loadout Map Iconinside the building.

There is a terminal in the building:

Hey, asshole
Don't think flying off to the ass-end of nowhere will save you. You still owe me 80k, and you're going to make good. If I have to cart myself over to that broken dump and shake the credits out of you myself, I will.

You better be making a haul over there. 'Cause when you come back, you've got me to answer to.

You left without saying goodbye. You're coming back, right? Did I do something? One second you're telling me I'm the guy for you, we should settle down, try and make the best out of Kadara. The next...

Okay, forget it. You take all the time you need over there. Make your big score, like you wanted. Then you can come back. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here. Waiting.

Thank you for your purchase.


"Asari Melding, Part 5" Qty 1

SUBTOTAL: 50.00 Credits



TOTAL: 49.00 Credits

If you have an issue with your purchase, please contact our customer service extranet address. Do not respond to this message.

After reading the datapad, the mission and two objectives are added. NavpointsMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconwill be added to three locations. Any of the objectives and areas can be visited in any order but all must be visited to gain the passcode to enter the second dome at the outlaw Headquarters.

Locate the Outlaw headquarters Edit

The outlaw headquarters is located in Crater: Agneta. There are two domes that are connected by an airlock that requires the passcode to open. Outlaw enemies will attack Ryder. Ryder can clear the first dome without the passcode but the passcode is required to enter the second dome.

  • There is a lootable container on a platform on the left side of the dome.
  • A Supply Crate can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is a Soil Centrifuge that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Note: If you clear out the first dome before obtaining all of the code snippets, and then return when directed by a new objective, the enemies will respawn in the first dome and have to be defeated again.

Find code snippets Edit

The two remaining code snippets can be found at two mining sites. The western site is in Crater: Peregrine and the eastern site is in Crater: Vespasien. Both sites will have outlaw enemies that attack and will need to be defeated.

Crater: Peregrine Mining Site

  • There are two lootable containers.
  • There are many nodes of uranium in the dome.
  • There are three Adapted Initiative Core Tech's that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange each (+300 Rd icon milkyway orange total).
  • There is a Communication Relay that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • There is a Loadout terminalMEA Loadout Map Iconinside the room at the top of the building.

There is a datapad with a message to Krex and another segment of the passcode.

Message for Krex
Look, asshole. You can harass me all you want, but it won't make my guys work any faster. You'll get your helium-3 soil when we're good and finished.

You want to ship this back to the base yourself? Fine. But leave my team alone. Passcode is %[DATA CORRUPTED]%2

There is a terminal in the building:

Hey from Kadara
Hey, Kellogg. The gang here has a bet going, and we need you to settle it. This Krex guy we keep hearing about—ask him if he's a real scientist and see how he reacts. Like, he's krogan, right? Don't they have brains the size of walnuts or something?

Have you actually seen him work? Can he count above ten? Ha! Okay, but seriously, you have to tell me what he's like. I hear he's a nightmare to work with. Come back soon so we can hear all the stories.

Holy shit!
We got to try out those Hydras today! I can't believe you left before they arrived! Shit, Caleb, if you could see them in action. With these babies in our lineup, we'll stomp the Collective, for sure.

Hey, I wonder if you could get a few for H-047c. I bet they'd kick some serious ass in low-G. Maybe you could give Krex an epic punch right in the quad. If you do, take a picture for me.

Just go for it
We all see the way you stare at Kessia. From the way you two talk, it sounds like you knew each other on Kadara. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you came here for her.

Just ask her out. You were one of the best smugglers on Kadara, and now you're sitting pretty on a big score from this venture. If that's not Most Eligible Bachelorette material, I don't know what is. Besides, for a turian you're not half bad-looking. She likes you, trust me.

Do us all a favor and close the deal with Kessia. We're sick of you mooning over her.

Crater: Vespasien Mining Site

  • There are three lootable containers.
  • There are many nodes of platinum in the dome.
  • There are two Adapted Initiative Core Tech's that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange each (+200 Rd icon milkyway orange total).
  • There is an Element Zero Sample in the dome that can be scanned for Task: Hitting Rocks for Science.

There is a terminal outside the building:

To the asshole who stole my boots
I get it. We're all bored out here on this hellhole, so you need a little entertainment. You had your fun. Now give them back, before I get frostbite on my goddamn toes.

I'm not angry—yet. But if I don't see those boots in the next two hours, whichever little shit did this is getting curb-stomped into the excavator.

I've been thinking...
You ever stop and take a look at your life and think, "How the hell did I get here?"

I'm lying here, trying to fall asleep, and all I can think about is what life would've been like if I hadn't taken part in that stupid rebellion. I had this picture of how my life was going to go. But Sloane got people so excited, I just kind of went with the flow, without thinking of the consequences. Now I can't even remember what it was I wanted.

Sorry... late night thinking and all that. Nothing I can do about it now. I guess you always just give such good advice, you were the first person I thought to contact. I don't expect you to say anything to make me feel better. I just needed to get it out.

Sleep well. We'll talk soon.

I'm fine
I know you're worried. But I'm okay, I promise. Elaaden is fine. Sure, it's about a thousand degrees, water is sold at a premium, and everyone is trying to kill me, but other than that I'm great!

That was supposed to make you laugh. Now I can just picture you worrying about me all over again. But really, I'll be okay. I got in good with one of the gang leaders here—Big Taran—and he's treating me alright. And the salvager who flies here from Kadara said she can bring me supplies, if I have the credits.

Bet I'm better off than you, scooping dust from a busted planet. Hang in there, okay? Life right now might be a little rough, but we're just backstage. Our time in the spotlight is coming.

In the building are two datapads:

Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025
Login: Caitlin Perrot

I've never been so wrong in my life. To think I almost killed Baxter. Dear god, I could have got the whole team killed.

All those kett soldiers and ships we keep running into? They were following the signal we used to track the lockers from the salarian ark. Our equipment and tags were like a goddamn lighthouse for them. Baxter took Marcus' shotgun and blew a hole in the transceiver just as a huge kett ship appeared right over our position. I shot Baxter in the leg before I realized he'd just saved all our lives.

Once we got to shelter Marcus splinted the leg, and I offered Baxter one hell of an apology—plus a contract. I think he said "thank you." I'm stitching the Vagabonds patch onto his gear myself. Least I can do.

We'll stick to using Baxter's equipment from now on. It'll be harder for the Initiative to track us, but harder for the kett too. We'll be okay. We just need to stick together.


Progress Report
Checking in, like you asked.

Found a decent batch of helium-3 soil here. Think we can mine this for another week at least. Might even be enough for Krex to finish the first one.

Feel free to take what we have to the base. Passcode is &%7*[DATA CORRUPTED]

When all parts of the passcode are collected, a new objective will be added with a navpoint in Crater: Agneta.

Enter the headquarters Edit

Defeat the outlaws in the first dome. The use the passcode to open the airlock leading to the second dome and the HQ.

Clear the headquarters Edit

Defeat the outlaws and the leader Krex.

There are three lootable containers. There are many titanium nodes in the second dome.

The Scaler can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange. There is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.

There is a Loadout terminalMEA Loadout Map Iconat the top of the building. There is a terminal on the upper level of the building:

Regarding your question
Thanks for coming to me first with this. It'll be tough, since H-047c is practically an asteroid field. But if anyone can pilot a ship through that mess, it's my crew.

I'll get you what you need. I'll have to double my rates because of the risk involved—I'm sure you understand. But I promise you, in two weeks you'll be walking around with a shiny new toy. Hope you use it well.

Hey, kiddo
I know you'll yell at me for messaging you. Yeah, maybe I'll get in trouble. I don't care. Morda can kiss my ass.

You really should see the colony, Krex. We've done alright for ourselves. Good protection, a great deal with the angara in charge... even scientists working on agriculture. You'd like it here.

Vorn asks about you sometimes. Says if you want to come back, there's a place in his lab for you. It has to be better than whatever you're doing over there. Just think about it, okay?


RE: We need to do something
Look, I don't like her any more than you do. But who else do we follow? Sloane, who takes more than her share of the score? Some Charlatan joker we've never even seen? I'll take my chances with an over-ambitious child.

Just lay low and do what she says. We'll find a way to stack the cards in our favor. And we'll take over before it's too late and we have the Nexus swooping down to tear us to pieces.

Discover Krex's plans Edit

Listening to the audio recording on a datapad in the upper portion of the building makes it clear that someone named Elora obviously is the one Krex was working for. Her plans are to destroy the Initiative's colonies using bombs made of helium-3. Fortunately the plans are on a halt because there is some Remnant machine the outlaws haven't been able to start.

SAM's analysis leads to the conclusion that with the production of helium-3 up and running the Nexus' ships would have fuel supply for the next 368 years.

The mission completes and the follow-up mission The Remnant Tiller starts automatically.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP
  • +73 AVP AVP icon

Note: The +530 XP reward might be shown twice but Ryder only receives +530 XP.

Trivia Edit

Before this mission, Elora can be found at the wind farm on Kadara (where the missions Gone with the Wind and A Packaged Deal begin), talking to Yuri. After this mission Elora will be missing. Talking to Yuri reveals that the leader of Kadara Port discovered what Elora was up to, and wasn't pleased. If it's The Charlatan, Elora was exiled to Elaaden, where she wasn't expected to survive. If it's still Sloane Kelly, it's implied that Elora was simply killed.

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