MEA Fusion Mods

Fusion Mods are barely understood bits of Remnant tech which can be integrated into Ryder's combat armor. While they provide dramatic benefits, this often comes at a cost.

Overview Edit

Fusion mods are powerful modifications for Ryder’s chest armor that can heavily impact the gameplay, with both positive and negative effects. These mods provide unique bonuses towards specific playstyles.

Fusion Mods are to armor what Mods are to weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Fusion Mods are changeable at a Loadout terminal but have a few restrictions:

  • Only one fusion mod slot is available for armor.
  • Only "Chest" armor pieces have a fusion mod slot.
  • Two "Armor" sets are unable to use fusion mods:
  • Only Ryder can use Fusion Mods.

All Fusion Mods use the same description text:

This barely understood Remnant tech can be integrated into the chestplate of most combat armors. It provides the user with a powerful advantage, but always at a cost in another area. Due to the hazards of this untested technology, only Ryder may equip these mods.

Each Fusion Mod is far more powerful than the otherwise comparable armor augmentations but each Fusion Mod comes with a major penalty.

  • The penalty of Fusion Mods can be cut in half with the Commerce Cryo Pod perk Fusion Mod Support.

Each Fusion Mod counts as one item towards the Inventory item limit.

Deconstructing a Chest armor piece with a Fusion Mod applied to the armor piece returns the Fusion Mod to Ryder.

Deconstructing a Fusion Mod destroys the Fusion Mod and no resources are returned to Ryder. Ryder can sell unwanted Fusion Mods for credits. Warning: Think long and hard about deconstructing or selling a Fusion Mod before doing so! These are one time only unique items that can't be obtained again.

Fusion Mods Edit

Picture Fusion Mod Rarity Bonuses Acquisition
MEA Fusion Mod of Shielding Fusion Mod of Shielding Ultra Rare +50% Max Shields
-50% Max Health
Eos Vault -
A Better Beginning
MEA Fusion Mod of Robotics Fusion Mod of Robotics Ultra Rare +25% Tech Construct Health
+25% Tech Construct Damage
-50% Max Shields
Havarl Vault -
A Dying Planet
MEA Fusion Mod of Adrenaline Fusion Mod of Adrenaline Ultra Rare 100% On Kill: Recharge All Active Powers
-50% All Power Recharge Speeds
Havarl - After completing
A Dying Planet
(See here)
MEA Fusion Mod of Resistance Fusion Mod of Resistance Ultra Rare +20 Damage Resistance
-50 On Evade: Lose Health
Voeld Vault -
Restoring a World
MEA Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment Ultra Rare +50% All Power Recharge Speeds
-30% Weapon Damage
Kadara Vault -
Healing Kadara's Heart
MEA Fusion Mod of Rupture Fusion Mod of Rupture Ultra Rare +25% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus
-70% Weapon Clip Size
Elaaden Vault -
Taming a Desert
MEA Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Biotic Power Damage
-20% Melee/Weapon/Tech Power/Combat Power Damage
Neutralize Eos Architect - Making An Impression
MEA Fusion Mod of Hovering Fusion Mod of Hovering Ultra Rare +100% Hover Duration
-30% Weapon Damage
Neutralize Voeld Architect - Missing Science Crew
MEA Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Tech Power Damage
-20% Melee/Weapon/Biotic Power/Combat Power Damage
Neutralize Elaaden Architect - Architect on Elaaden
MEA Fusion Mod of Battering Fusion Mod of Battering Ultra Rare +30% Melee Damage
-20% Weapon/Tech/Biotic Power/Combat Power Damage
Neutralize Kadara Architect - Old Skinner
MEA Fusion Mod of Health Fusion Mod of Health Ultra Rare +100% Max Health
-50% Max Shields
Defeat Archon’s Sword -
The Journey to Meridian

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline Acquisition Edit

The Fusion Mod of Adrenaline is not like other mods and requires a mini-mission of sorts to acquire. To acquire this Fusion Mod, Ryder needs to:
1. Complete A Dying Planet mission on Havarl.
2. Return to the Tempest and acknowledge the email from Benedict Geffen (on behalf of Foster Addison) to receive the mission Cross-Cultural Alliances.

Havarl: Science Team Deployment
To: Ryder
From: Benedict Geffen

Pathfinder Team:

The Nexus has approved the request for a multi-disciplinary team to be posted on Havarl (a.k.a. Habitat 3) to assist with the angaran efforts there.

Primary Team Members:
Dr. Hawkins Macintyre (Xenoanthropology. Team Lead)
Zerra Kessian (Botany, Environmental Engineer)
Farley Berra (Entomology)
Cody Holdren (Quartermaster)

Both angara and Nexus teams have expressed interesting in having the Pathfinder visit Havarl again to observe cross-cultural efforts.

Benedict Griffen, on behalf of Director Addison

3. Head to Pelaav Research Station on Havarl and interact with the Holocommunicator to start the cutscene with Foster Addison. This will complete the Cross-Cultural Alliances mission.
4. Find the cave location. (Red circle on the map)

MEA Fusion Mod Of Adrenaline Map Location

5. Kill the lone Roekaar Raider in the cave and interact with the Remnant console.
6. The Remnant console will extend some ledges on the structure northeast of Ryder's position.
7. Use the ledges to climb to the top and activate a gravity well a bit west of Ryder's position.
8. Ryder will have to climb some more ledges to a second gravity well. Interact with the gravity well to transport Ryder to a Remnant console that needs to be unlocked via a Remnant Puzzle:

MEA Fusion Mod Of Adrenaline Puzzle Solution
Puzzle Console
Reward: Valuable Loot

9. After solving the puzzle, interact with the gravity well that brought Ryder here and the gravity well will now take Ryder to a hidden room above the Entrance to Old Pelaav.
10. Inside the hidden room, Ryder will find a container that contains the Fusion Mod of Adrenaline.

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