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The anarcho-communist "terrorist" Gaffno Yap represents the volus contingent aboard the multispecies ark Keelah Si'yah.

Somehow elected to the Quorum despite (or because of) his reputation, Gaffno is the rare volus who doesn't believe in possessions. He preaches the abolition of currency and personal property. He apparently inspired others to bomb financial institutions or places of power, but his actual complicity in the acts has never been proven.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation[]

Gaffno was a cartoonish villain to half of the Milky Way, a fixture of political satires: a violent criminal to the courts and a tragic figure to others. His followers managed his affairs; he amassed many of them throughout his life.

After a certain point, the Vol Protectorate got fed up with his antics and wrote him two of the only three exile orders it has ever made. When his disgrace became widely known his followers deserted in droves - most of them were only interested in writing tell-alls about their hobnobbing with Yap and profiting from the proceeds.

His path eventually led him to the Andromeda Initiative. Gaffno was optimistic enough to believe he can convince the other volus colonists to create a new nonmercantile society in Andromeda. He struck a friendship with Kholai, a hanar cult leader with whom he shared many traits in common. His daughter Irit Non was the only other person in the Initiative who cared for his well-being, enough to forsake her riches and follow him to another galaxy.

While Irit was growing up Gaffno used to drill into her head that all property is theft, all money is blood money like a lullaby, and thought the quarian societal model was right and bore emulating. Irit went on to disprove his notions, and Gaffno took it as a personal insult when she rose to the top of volus society. Nevertheless, his daughter saw him as old and sick, and could not bear to leave him to fend for himself.

As per prior arrangement, Gaffno was revived along with the Quorum and all Sleepwalker teams 300 years after Keelah Si'yah's launch for the midpoint status reports and the subsequent celebratory proceedings. Irit chaperoned him throughout, growing annoyed at his reckless behavior when he jumped onto a table and insisted everyone praise his singing voice.

Later during the Fortinbras Plague crisis aboard the Keelah Si'yah, Gaffno falls victim to the virus and is temporarily interred by his daughter under a cafeteria table in Mess Hall 4.