The Galorn is a wildlife unit.

Description Edit

Immense, hoofed creatures with plates that appear lit, and odd, colorful glands that span their face and jaw. Related to the Taurg, galorn charge and headbutt when provoked.

  • The Galorn's physical appearance appears to greatly resemble a rhinoceros, and is blue in color.
  • It can be found wandering around the Remnant ruins; one in particular is always found near the Remnant Abyss.
  • Upon death, the Galorn crumbles down instead of leaving a corpse to identify. The only way to scan it is to carefully approach it when the animal is unaware.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

The Galorn is pretty much nonchalant to Ryder, even while standing in the creature's sight, and only will attack the pathfinder if it is provoked.

Defensive Edit

The creature is plated with armor but can be brought down using a shotgun.

Tactics Edit

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