Lieutenant Ganto Imness is a salarian officer serving under Captain Kirrahe. Along with the rest of Kirrahe's STG unit, Imness was stationed on Virmire and led a reconnaissance mission to Saren Arterius' research facility but Imness' team was captured.

Imness was one of the 'lucky' prisoners; he was chosen as a control subject, forced to watch with his mind intact while the rest of his team was slowly indoctrinated and turned into mindless slaves. When Commander Shepard finds him, Imness is in a cell near the labs, listening to the sound of gunfire and feeling anxious about what is happening. He guesses that Shepard is leading an infiltration team, and knows Kirrahe will want the facility destroyed. While Imness' team is aware of Saren's krogan breeding grounds, Imness warns Shepard about indoctrination, explaining that it "is a greater threat, and far more horrifying".

Imness begs Shepard to let him out as he does not wish to end up like the rest of his team. If Shepard agrees and opens his cell, Imness accepts that he might not outrun the blast, but Shepard's arrival has at least given him a chance to try.

Trivia Edit

  • By talking to Imness, access to the other holding cells, where his now-mindless team is held, becomes available. This allows Shepard to kill them, let them out to try and escape the blast, or leave them alone. If Shepard refuse to let Imness out of his cell and then executes his former team, speaking to Imness again will resurrect one of the fallen salarians.
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