Garm is a Krogan Battlemaster who leads the Blood Pack on Omega. He is described by Garrus as a "freak of nature", able to regenerate faster than most krogan.

He enters into an alliance with Tarak and Jaroth to take down the vigilante Archangel. Garm holds a personal grudge against Archangel, after Archangel had attempted to kill him while he was alone. The next part of the plan was for the trio to overthrow Aria.

Once Commander Shepard helps Archangel, Garm becomes hostile and leads a group of Blood Pack mercenaries in an attempt to kill them but got himself killed in the process instead.

Capabilities Edit


Garm is armed with a M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun. Garm will enter the room where Archangel is in and engage him. He will also engage Shepard if the Commander is in visual range. Like all krogan battlemasters, Garm can use biotic powers such as Warp, which makes him dangerous at range.


Garm has strong armour and an even stronger biotic barrier. He also possesses standard krogan regeneration and the krogan charge attack.

Tactics Edit

  • He can regenerate his Barrier as well if left alone long enough, and if his layer of armor has been stripped.

Trivia Edit

  • If Grunt is present in the shore party when Shepard talks to Garm, the latter kills one of the vorcha to demonstrate the "loyalty" and "courage" of his henchmen.
  • In Norse mythology, Garmr or Garm, is the dog associated with Ragnarök, and is described as a blood-stained watchdog guarding the gates of Hell.
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