Garoth is a human encountered by Commander Shepard in the Citadel Tower, after Shepard has received Spectre status. He appears to be waiting to bring a petition before the Council.

Shepard can ask a troubled Garoth what is bothering him; he explains he is worried about his brother, Willem, who is the captain of the MSV Majesty, a small trading vessel that went missing some time ago in the Attican Traverse. Garoth asks that Shepard search for his brother as a favor to him.

If Shepard searches for the MSV Majesty, the wrecked starship is discovered near Xawin, having been attacked by privateers. Shepard may check in with Garoth before landing on Xawin to inform him about the discovery. As long as no body has been found, Garoth remains hopeful that his brother is alive and implores the Commander not to give up the search.

Once Shepard travels to Xawin, however, the Commander eventually finds Willem's body at the privateers' base. When the Commander gives him the news, Garoth is devastated. He thanks Shepard for bringing the truth of what happened and reasons that however difficult, the truth is always better than hoping in vain. He then leaves to make the funeral arrangements.


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