Gas Bag
Gas bags are a species of benign non-sentient creatures native to the planet Eden Prime. These odd animals have a number of protuberant gas-filled sacs growing out of their core body structure. These pods allow the creature to float gently along from place to place. Dangling from their underbellies are four legs and four rear tendrils, each varying in length. It can be assumed that these tentacles are used to catch prey in shallow swamps and ponds where they congregate in groups.

Its front can be designated by the neckless head attached to the main body of the animal. It has five red eyes, three large ones and two smaller ones above, and a mouth that is positioned on the underside of its head. Extremely delicate, gas bags will explode if any one of their numerous pods are punctured.

Richard L. Jenkins (a native of Eden Prime) is familiar with these creatures, and says they are harmless. While gas bags are not hostile, they can be caught in crossfire and cause toxic damage if they explode in close proximity.