“Aliens don't know strength. My followers are true krogan. Everything about Grunt is a lie.”

Gatatog Uvenk is a Krogan Battlemaster and the leader of Clan Gatatog.

Uvenk is a traditionalist who opposes reforms to krogan society initiated by Urdnot Wrex if he is the Clan Urdnot leader, claiming that that they will just weaken the krogan. When Commander Shepard accompanies Grunt to take the Rite of Passage on Tuchanka, Uvenk insults Grunt and vehemently opposes allowing a tank-bred krogan to join their ranks.

When the Urdnot leader is not swayed by his protests, Uvenk goes to the shaman and protests against allowing Grunt to undertake the rite. Shepard is able to make him back down after determining that they are capable of acting as Grunt's Krantt, either by humbling Uvenk with words or a headbutt in the krogan fashion. Uvenk resentfully withdraws his denial for Grunt's Rite for the moment but threatens to settle the matter elsewhere.

Upon completion of the rite and if Grunt kills the Thresher Maw, Uvenk acknowledges Grunt's unquestionable strength and wishes to acquire him as a trophy in order to increase his own stature. He offers Grunt a place in his dying clan on several conditions but Grunt rejects his offer, not wanting to be used as a tool by Uvenk. However, if Grunt does not kill the Maw, then Uvenk merely tells Grunt that he is not worthy of joining a clan because he is impure. Regardless of Shepard's actions, Grunt attacks Uvenk and five of his bodyguards and Uvenk dies in the ensuing battle. Regardless of who is the Clan Urdnot leader, he thanks Shepard for dealing with the irritating Uvenk.



Uvenk fights with a M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun at short range. He also uses biotic powers such as Warp.


Uvenk has standard krogan health regeneration and charge, in addition to a biotic Barrier and armor. He can regenerate his Barrier if left alone long enough, and if his layer of armor has been stripped.


  • Uvenk will not immediately charge Shepard as most krogan would. Instead he will hold back and use Warp while his Gatatog Warriors charge Shepard's position.
  • Once his subordinates have been dispatched he will charge on his own at which point he can be rather easily overwhelmed.
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