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Gatatog Warriors are krogan members of Clan Gatatog.

Commander Shepard and Grunt encounter them on Tuchanka, shortly after Grunt completes his rite of passage. Gatatog Warriors and their leader, Gatatog Uvenk, attempt to persuade Grunt to join Clan Gatatog instead of Clan Urdnot. After Grunt refuses, the Warriors and Uvenk open fire on Grunt and the Commander. Shepard prevails, killing all of the Warriors as well as Uvenk.



As with all krogan, Gatatog Warriors engage at short range with a shotgun. They will use Incendiary Ammo to make their blasts even deadlier. Their krogan charge allows them to close distance quickly as well as stumble Shepard and his crew if they get too close. If they are kept at a distance, Gatatog Warriors will use their Carnage ability to fire a rocket at the Commander.


Gatatog Warriors have strong armor, krogan regeneration and charge. They are very aggressive, choosing to advance more often than they seek cover.


  • The same squadmates effective against the klixen and varren in the earlier stages of Grunt's loyalty mission are likely to be effective against this wave of Gatatog Warriors. They all have strong armor and attack en masse in close quarters.
  • Incendiary powers will panic Gatatog Warriors, buying Shepard a short reprieve. They also prevent these krogan from regenerating health. Warp and Reave produce comparable effects.
  • If available, the Firestorm is useful. Its limited range is not an issue against Gatatog Warriors as they all appear in relatively close quarters for their only encounter with Shepard.