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The Geth Bomber is a geth unit encountered in Mass Effect 3, introduced in the multiplayer Retaliation Pack DLC. They can be fought by Shepard in the Armax Arsenal Arena combat simulator.



Geth Bombers will try and enter close range with their target. They will then proceed to attack by doing a quick flyover forward, dropping 4 bombs in their wake. These bombs explode after a few seconds, dealing moderate damage each, but the damage can quickly add up. If they have just performed a bombing run, or cannot do it due to terrain, they will attack with a moderately weak close ranged shock attack.


Geth Bombers are protected by moderate shields and armor. Their small profile makes them difficult targets to hit with gunfire. If under fire, they will sometimes rapidly jerk sideways to avoid incoming attacks. Unlike most enemies, Bombers can't suffer bonus damage from headshots, as they don't have a head or any analogous weak point.


  • The full damage of a Geth Bomber's barrage is extreme, and it bypasses shield and health gate protections; it also stuns. Even the tougher classes in multiplayer like krogan can easily be taken down.
  • Maintaining distance from Bombers is key as they will only trigger their bombing runs once they close to within a certain range. Even if they do not bomb you, they can stun you at melee range.
  • Like Geth Hunters and Geth Pyros, Bombers make very little noise that warns you of their advance (and in fact are completely silent).
  • Geth Bombers are extremely dangerous as they can flush you out of cover into the waiting heavy firepower of other geth units.
  • Bombers are very good Sabotage targets thanks to their high damage. Once hacked, they will usually turn around and begin dropping bombs on other geth. Since geth usually travel in close formations, this can be very effective.
  • Because of their relatively low amount of shields and armour, Infiltrators can usually one-shot them with a powerful sniper rifle combined with Tactical Cloak and the bonus damage to shields from the proper ammo augmentation such as Phasic Rounds.
  • Powers like Overload or Energy Drain are useful against Bombers, especially as they don't fire a projectile and thus can't be dodged by Bombers' lateral evasions.
  • The Acolyte pistol can hit them even if the explosion hits the ground; the radius is wide enough and should deplete their shields in a single shot.
  • Flamer is useful if specced for shield damage as it will allow you to burn through their armor and shields very quickly. Alternatively, focusing on armor damage for Flamer and taking an Acolyte or Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle for shields should also work.
  • Powers that may grant invulnerability (like Shield Boost and Biotic Focus) can save you from fatal damage if activated at the right time.
  • If a Bomber unit is killed before its grenades detonate, the grenades will appear to explode but deal no damage to players.
  • The area detonation of weapons like the Scorpion are fairly useful against Bombers as they have a habit of moving a lot, including vertically. Grenades and Power Combos are also useful.
  • Though Geth Bombers can be damaged by Lash, they cannot be thrown to the ground by it.
  • A Bomber's short range stun attack counts as melee damage and is reflected back by Blade Armor.