The Geth Cannon is a weapon included in the armament of geth starships. At some point, a crashed geth ship on the planet Aite was discovered by Cerberus. The ship became Prometheus Station and provided geth subjects for Project Overlord. After the project went wrong, the Overlord VI gained control of Prometheus Station's cannon and used it to defend the ship from Commander Shepard and the squad.

Capabilities Edit


It is a massive cannon that is capable of destroying the M-44 Hammerhead in just one hit. The cannon is powerful and should be avoided at all costs.


It possesses high level of health and is protected by a shield that is powered externally. The shield must be taken down before the turret itself can be targeted.

Tactics Edit

Because the Cannon can destroy the Hammerhead in one hit, it is advisable to keep on the move. Use the red targeting lines on the ground to keep track of where it is going to shoot. This shot can take down one of the external generator's shields in one hit, but if you are too close, the Hammerhead will be destroyed or damaged. Stay still just long enough for the Cannon to lock on, then use the boosters to jet away.

Once you have the shield down, use the Hammerhead's missiles to destroy the Cannon once and for all. Just make sure to keep moving in order to avoid the Cannon's blast radius.

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