The Geth Combat Software is a heavy weapon that appears in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

During Shepard's experience inside the geth consensus, Legion/Geth VI provides "combat software" capable of removing the Reaper code. The software is represented as a handheld energy weapon, so as to make it more "familiar" and easy to use for Shepard. The ammunition replenishes while the weapon is not in use.

Acquisition Edit

Player Notes Edit

  • There are no enemies encountered during the mission. The only thing to worry about is clearing enough of the infected orange blocks to create a path or move on to the next area.
  • Holding down the "Fire" button unleashes a rapid stream of shots, rather than charging.
  • After a certain distance, the gun is so inaccurate as to be useless, requiring being rather close to the target code. However, given that the only reason to use the gun is to clear away obstacles, this is not as bad of a problem as a combat-oriented weapon, but it does make it more difficult to destroy farther-off sections of code.
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