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This submachine gun works on the same principles as the Spitfire: it shoots superconducting toroids that break apart on impact, retaining an electrical charge that flash-converts the shrapnel into plasma. Unlike the Spitfire, however, this smaller geth weapon has been modified to take thermal clips. Holding down the trigger speeds up its rate of fire, rapidly depleting the gun’s heat sink in exchange for nearly continuous fire.

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Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Geth Plasma SMG is categorized as rare and requires the Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Geth Plasma SMG "spins up" to a dizzying rate of fire (720 Rounds Per Minute (RPM) at full rate of fire[1]) and burns through the hundred round magazine in seconds. Using the SMG Magazine Upgrade and SMG Heat Sink upgrades greatly extends the effective time in sustained fire after the rate-of-fire speed bonus has triggered.
    • Using the Geth Plasma SMG with power-based characters that rely heavily on quickly-recharging powers is not advised. The two seconds the gun takes to spin up to its full potential can leave you vulnerable to attacks, and every use of a power will force it to spin back up again.
    • The most obvious problem with this tactic is that prolonged fire, while out of cover, is likely to get users killed on Gold, recoil is increased slightly, and ammo consumed quickly.
    • The spare ammo bonus provided by the passive class Batarian Enforcer power or Geth Juggernaut (power) can make running out of ammo slightly less of an issue.
    • The gun's high rate of fire and large clip pairs well with Cryo Rounds or Incendiary Rounds (especially the level II or III versions). A sweep of gunfire over a group of weaker enemies can inflict widespread freezing or burning among the group, slowing them down enough for squad members to deal with them.
    • When a geth multiplayer character uses this weapon, there is the possibility to inflict more damage if points have been invested in the Networked AI passive power.
  • The Geth Plasma SMG has relatively low recoil and very high accuracy for its high rate of fire. (More accurate than most SMGs and assault rifles). Sustained fire can stagger foes, and achieving headshots during sustained fire is rather easy, allowing users to take advantage of the high rate of fire coupled with a headshot damage multiplier.
    • Marksman is extremely powerful when using this weapon. By choosing the Rate-Of-Fire Bonus Ranks of Marksman, the Geth SMG spits death out in all directions. The extra headshots damage from Rank 5 Headshots can allow you to take out most enemies even on the hardest difficulties in moments.
  • The Geth Plasma SMG is moderately effective against armored targets. Although the armor reduction reduces each bullet's damage to the minimum value (-50 Damage Reduction on Gold[2]), the weapons extreme rapid fire damage quickly adds up.

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