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Mass Effect[]

The Geth Recon Drone, a geth combat drone, is the first enemy encountered within Mass Effect. A swarm of these drones are responsible for shooting down Corporal Jenkins on Eden Prime.


  • Geth Recon Drones have the lowest health out of all enemies in the game. It will therefore only take a couple of shots to dispatch them. Their small size and high mobility can make it difficult to aim, however. Their shielding regenerates over time, but it is so low that it doesn't really matter.
  • Even though these drones are fragile, their armament is no weaker than regular weapons. As such, they can easily kill you or the squadmates if you're not careful.
  • Tech talents are very useful against these drones. Sabotage, Overload and Damping will all instantly destroy them, often catching several in the AoE. While it is technically possible to hack them, they're simply too weak to be worth it.
  • Because they are flying units they are immune to all biotics except Warp.

Mass Effect 2[]

Geth Recon Drones appear in Mass Effect 2 upon Haestrom, providing covering fire for Geth Primes as Shepard's squad pushes towards Tali's position.



Geth Recon Drones are armed with a pulse weapon very similar to the pulse rifles fielded by Geth Troopers.


Like the Geth Hunter, the Geth Recon Drone is equipped with a form of Tactical Cloak. Normally Geth Recon Drones do not have shields, but gain them on higher difficulties.


  • Geth Recon Drones appear in swarms of three or four upon Haestrom, escorting Geth Primes and making it difficult for the squad to advance or engage the larger geth enemies. They are fragile and should be dispatched before moving to attack the Geth Prime.
  • On higher difficulties, their light shielding coupled with their small profile can make engaging them quite problematic. The Arc Projector can be used against them for greater effect.
  • Once their shields are down, they are exceptionally weak to gravity based powers, making a quick area Overload followed by an area Throw or Concussive Shot very effective.
  • Along these lines, Singularity is particularly effective, because it can target Recon Drones before their shields are down. Vulnerable Drones caught in the Singularity's field will spin rapidly in mid-air, potentially colliding with other nearby Drones, before being flung away at high speed and destroyed.
  • Because Geth Recon Drones are encountered in swarms, powers like Overload can hit multiple Drones, which helps to take them down quickly.