Geth Shock Troopers are heavy geth infantry, indicated by their larger size and white armour.

The Geth Shock Trooper is not only a heavy infantry unit, but also a capable engineer. As seen on Eden Prime, they are capable of setting up and arming large explosives. On the battlefield, they typically make up nearly half of geth ground forces.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Shock Troopers possess four to five bars of shielding depending on location and difficulty. As is the case with all Mass Effect enemies, it regenerates over time. However, their health cannot regenerate, like with most synthetics. They can also take cover, will try to flank you when given the chance to do so and can use Shield Boost.
  • At some point during the fight, they will likely create a geth hex shield, a 3m-wide opaque hexagon that completely obscures and protects the geth behind it while allowing them to fire through it. It will absorb the weapons' fire from both you and your squad. Its strength is indicated by colour: blue at full health and changing to darker hues of orange as it continues to take damage, collapsing just after turning red.
  • Even though they're equipped with assault rifles, they are still able to launch Carnage, normally restricted to shotguns. This ability does heavy damage but can be avoided rather easily at medium and long range.
  • Overload and Sabotage are both good abilities to use against them due to their strong shielding and lack of a secondary weapon, leaving them defenceless until their weapons cool off. It should also be noted that Tech proximity mines created by these two abilities and Damping ignore hex shields, damaging the geth behind them while leaving barriers unhurt.
  • Shock Troopers can be turned to your side with Advanced or Master AI Hacking. They make good allies due to their resilience and considerable damage output. Remember that if there are no enemies in its line-of-sight, the hacked Shock Trooper will still attack you.
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