The Geth Snipers are geth bipedal platforms geared for long-range combat. They're dark brown with red armor details and emit a bright cyan light from their 'flashlight eye'. They're equipped with sniper rifles and possess the powerful Assassination ability.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Geth Snipers are the least durable geth platforms, possessing relatively low health and only two bars of shielding. The shielding regenerates over time, as is the case for all other ME enemies. The same cannot be said about their health, unlike Pirate and Mercenary Snipers.
  • Their Assassination ability is very dangerous and can instantly take out low-level Shepard and do considerable damage to Mako. It will always be preceded by a laser targeting beam, so make sure not to leave cover for long until you've dealt with them. If that is not possible, Immunity and Barrier will drastically improve your chances. It is also possible to interrupt Assassination by overheating the rifle with Sabotage or disabling the sniper with Lift.
  • Geth Snipers lack secondary weapons, making them completely helpless if Sabotage is used on them. Master Sabotage can even kill them by itself, due to their low health and lack of regeneration.
  • Their Radar Jamming is a passive ability that will disable your combat radar for as long as you're in an area around them. Often, it will be the first sign that geth forces are in the area. Having Combat Sensor, Combat Scanner or Combat Optics upgrades equipped on you or your squadmates can bypass this. It seems to become stronger as the number of users increases, covering greater area and requiring higher-rank upgrades to counter its effects.
  • Geth Snipers can be turned to your side with the most basic AI Hacking. As allies, they're useful when they're positioned in towers or similarly far from other geth, but will get gunned down quickly if amongst their brethren.
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