Description Edit

This fully automatic weapon fires charged projectiles that break apart and create plasma on impact. Holding down the trigger causes it to steadily increase its rate of fire. Designed by geth, it is very effective against shields and synthetic targets. However, the significant mass of the weapon makes it difficult to carry, slowing movement speed.

Acquisition Edit

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Geth Spitfire is categorized as ultra-rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning.[1]

Player Notes Edit

  • The Spitfire is the single heaviest weapon in all of multiplayer, making it the worst choice possible for maintaining recharge on power-heavy classes.
  • The Spitfire has the highest sustained- Damage-Per-Second (DPS) when properly modded with gear, Weapon Mods, powers, and consumables.
  • The Spitfire has surprisingly good stability compared to the other machine gun type assault rifles. Stability mods/consumables may prove unnecessary.
  • The Spitfire will drastically reduce the movement speed of the player while equipped. Switching to a secondary weapon, or to one's Cobra missile launcher will speed the player back up.
    • The Geth Juggernaut Soldier is exempt from this penalty.
    • All Krogan aside from the Krogan Sentinel are also exempt.
    • For all other classes, using an Adrenaline Module III almost negates the speed penalty.
  • The Spitfire has an inherent 1.75 damage multiplier against Shields and Barriers.[2]
    • When a geth multiplayer character uses this weapon, it inflicts more damage (only if points have been invested in the Networked AI passive power or Geth Juggernaut (power) for the Rank 6 bonus).
    • The Spitfire is extremely effective when equipped on a Geth Juggernaut Soldier. The Juggernaut's weapon damage and ammo capacity bonuses, bolstered by extra geth weapon damage and combined with its relative immunity to staggering, allows the Juggernaut to lay down immense amounts of devastating suppressive fire for extended periods of time. Combined with piercing mods or other damage modifiers such as gear or consumables, a Spitfire-equipped Juggernaut can easily take down armored targets.

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